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The only requirement for a person to be considered for release on medical parole is therefore written evidence from the treating medical practitioner that he or she has diagnosed the prisoner as being in the final phase of any terminal disease or condition, so that such a release on parole or correctional supervision will enable that person to die a consolatory and dignified death.
Today, post-9/11 rhetoric continues to advocate the same sort of consolatory mourning as that which followed World War I.
England were even denied a consolatory success in between when Andrew Strauss dropped Dravid, on 31, at slip off left-arm spinner Monty Panesar.
Characters with beautiful deformations--the boy with keys for fingers or the shapeshifting child--are revealed as consolatory and illuminating disfigurements: "Make yourself a structure you can live inside.
And when the two lock horns in Christchurch in 13 days, Woodward will be hoping to send the same consolatory message to the Kiwi coach.
At the Helm of My Life," about smoking hookah, is probably the most well-handled rural appendage inspiring an exceptional sally; smoking the gurgling "bitter-sweet" water pipe is consolatory in the "nostalgic haze" created.
a "glacial perspective" (122) on consolatory narratives: a
He also reads music as consolatory for Morrison's title-character Sula, and in so doing acknowledges the "multifaceted function" of music in African American culture.
1-3) prepares for the more detailed discussion of the letter's consolatory aspects in Part 2, "Consolation in Philippians" (chaps.
At first blush, nature does not seem as consolatory in "Red Somersault.
South Korea sent a consolatory message to China on Sunday over Friday's bombing by NATO of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, a South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry spokesman said Monday.
Among many fruitful critical views here is Christensen's emphasis on an aspect noted first by De Amicis and earlier contemporaries: the consolatory effect of Ruffini's writings upon readers world-weary or disheartened by self-doubt, creating for the non-Catholic what in the Promessi sposi Manzoni had done for the faithful.