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, consonancy
1. Prosody similarity between consonants, but not between vowels, as between the s and t sounds in sweet silent thought
2. Music
a. an aesthetically pleasing sensation or perception associated with the interval of the octave, the perfect fourth and fifth, the major and minor third and sixth, and chords based on these intervals
b. an interval or chord producing this sensation



the blending of tones sounded simultaneously, as well as the harmonies in which the tones blend with one another. Consonance as a concept is juxtaposed to dissonance.

Consonance is a tranquil, soft sound that has an agreeable effect on the perceiving nerve centers; it is considered to be the expression of stability, repose, and the resolution of tensions. The unison, octave, fifth, fourth, and major and minor thirds and sixths are consonant (the perfect fourth in relation to the lower tone is treated as a dissonant interval), as well as chords composed of these intervals alone, without the inclusion of dissonant intervals—that is, major and minor triads and their inversions.

From the mathematical-acoustical point of view the difference between consonance and dissonance is only quantitative (the ratio of the frequencies of dissonant intervals form more complicated fractions), and the line of demarcation between them is arbitrary. Within the limits of the major-minor system the difference between consonance and dissonance is qualitative; it achieves a level of sharp opposition and contrast and possesses independent aesthetic value.


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The interval between two tones whose frequencies are in a ratio approximately equal to the quotient of two whole numbers, each equal to or less than 6, or to such a quotient multiplied or divided by some power of 2.
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The division Bench in the order observed that they have examined the letter in the light of the order of Supreme Court in the Indra Shwayani's judgement and found that the reservation was not in consonance to the settled legal provisions and hence the excess reservation was stayed.
The visit assumes special significance in the light of improving military cooperation between the two countries in consonance with our growing relationship with Maldives.
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The SCO's policies and programs are in consonance with Pakistan's long term objectives of promoting peace and stability in the region, containing and eradicating the menace of terrorism from the region and working with members to build stronger and more productive relationship in the future.
This Policy aims at promoting a congenial environment to the urban street vendors to carry out their activities smoothly and also provides a mechanism of regulation of such activities in consonance with public interest.
ISLAMABAD, March 20, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said Monday that ISI is an important arm of the Security Establishment assigned to safeguard the national interests in consonance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan.