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Within six seconds of looping around an anesthetized lab rat, a boa constrictor squeezes enough to halve blood pressure in a rear-leg artery.
In November, a live, 2 1/2-foot-long rainbow boa constrictor was found on a sidewalk in Honolulu's Chinatown.
In captivity, boa constrictors are fed mice, rats and chicks.
A 5ft boa constrictor was on the loose after escaping from a private home in Liverpool.
It is thought to be a rat snake, which is a type of constrictor that is not venomous - although Cardiff Reptile Centre's Anthony Antonio said it would be able to give a "nasty bite" if disturbed.
The scientists used rats to entice their captive Boa constrictor to attack.
USARK detailed numerous mistakes, inaccuracies and exaggerations in the Constrictor Report in a 16 point Request for Correction with USGS under the Information Quality Act (IQA).
We can testify to these snakes' attraction personally," the scientists say, "as we both have kept pet giant constrictors.
No other snakes have legs snakes - such as pythons and boa constrictors - do have nub-like legs beneath their skins.
Mr McFarland, 48, stressed the non-poisonous constrictor posed no public threat.
Easily spotted are bats, arboreal porcupines, boa constrictors, and night-blooming orchids.
Unlike most snakes, which lay eggs, boa constrictors give birth to fully developed young.