construction engineering

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construction engineering

[kən′strək·shən ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
A specialized branch of civil engineering concerned with the planning, execution, and control of construction operations for projects such as highways, dams, utility lines, and buildings.

Construction engineering

A specialized branch of civil engineering concerned with the planning, execution, and control of construction operations for such projects as highways, buildings, dams, airports, and utility lines. Planning consists of scheduling the work to be done and selecting the most suitable construction methods and equipment for the project. Execution requires the timely mobilization of all drawings, layouts, and materials on the job to prevent delays. Control consists of analyzing progress and cost to ensure that the project will be done on schedule and within the estimated cost. See Construction equipment, Construction methods

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Tenders are invited for Construction Engineering Services for the International Bridge Bearing/Rocker Arm replacement and structural steel repairs PDF icon
The two-day seminar discusses a number of joint research issues in health, construction engineering and agricultural sciences fields.
Born in the northern province of Trabzon in 1948, Bayraktar completed Construction Engineering Department of Istanbul State Architecture & Engineering Academy, and earned a masters degree in Construction Engineering in Istanbul University.
Construction engineering became a Foreign Service specialty in 1979, and Claudia Russell was the only woman in the inaugural class.
But the infusion of federal stimulus dollars for Empire State projects offers a prime opportunity for the construction engineering community to lead a coordinated effort to return New York's built environment to a standard that state residents urgently need and eminently deserve.
TBE has been providing transportation planning, design and construction engineering services to Manatee County and bridge engineering services in Sarasota County for a number of years.
The team called in the Research and Curriculum Unit from Mississippi State University, and a new reality program in construction engineering technology was born.
In other action, the board agreed to consider another opportunity to do more testing on recycling concrete with lead-based paint on it, similar to what the CMRA did earlier this year in cooperation with the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory of the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Demolition Association.
Employing a staff of 12, the firm offers a host of consultation services including construction inspection and testing, construction permit review, traffic and transportation engineering studies, construction engineering, and traffic crash analysis.
The study, organized by the Corps' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), was performed at Fort Ord, a military base in California that is being closed.
The report provides historical data and forecasts for all industry in China for the period 2004-2014, company profiles for the following companies: China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd, China Communications Construction Company Limited, China Metallurgical Group Corporation and comprehensive analysis of the key factors driving the industry at consumer, market and company level.

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