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see Lord's SupperLord's Supper,
Protestant rite commemorating the Last Supper. In the Reformation the leaders generally rejected the traditional belief in the sacrament as a sacrifice and as an invisible miracle of the actual changing of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
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Falstaff's argument reflects the dual nature of the incarnated Christ and the Eucharistic doctrine of consubstantiation.
The substance of corporeal presence, in other words, must co-exist with the king's sacred body--a consubstantiation that iconoclastically undercuts the royal pomp.
By contrast, the argument of consubstantiation retains a sense of the material in the presence of the transcendent.
The discussion concurs with the definitions of transubstantiation and consubstantiation offered in The Catholic Encyclopedia, ed.
However, Burke insists that consubstantiation is only part of the persuasive process.
Trans- and consubstantiation, Calvinist virtualism -- these are as inadequate as their scholastic predecessors in addressing the mystery behind Jesus's words of institution.
Roman trans- and Lutheran consubstantiation offer a choice between the notion that the bread's substance is wholly transformed and a doctrine of ubiquity wherein God's substantial presence does not exclude that of the bread.
More specifically, he questions whether the written word is a transubstantiation, a consubstantiation, or merely a commemoration of an event (159).
The importance of this re-analysis cannot be underestimated, because, in addition to its value in situating current theorizing, it is also consistent with, indeed informed by, one of the most central assumptions of an African worldview - consubstantiation, which is among other things the premise of inclusivity, rather than exclusivity.