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see Lord's SupperLord's Supper,
Protestant rite commemorating the Last Supper. In the Reformation the leaders generally rejected the traditional belief in the sacrament as a sacrifice and as an invisible miracle of the actual changing of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
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Consubstantiation in Ka necessarily provides a biogenetically based impetus for xenophillia and collective, transpersonal orientation in human nature.
In the doctrine of consubstantiation the substances of bread and wine do not simply disappear when the body and blood are invoked by the words of the priest.
However, Burke insists that consubstantiation is only part of the persuasive process.
Trans- and consubstantiation, Calvinist virtualism -- these are as inadequate as their scholastic predecessors in addressing the mystery behind Jesus's words of institution.
The medium which configures Catullus' drift toward consubstantiation with Nepos is, obviously enough, the poem, the gift that at once heralds and contextualizes their relationship, and, in the very explication of their equivalence, the poem provides the terms of their individuation.
This process of substantiation and consubstantiation begins to culminate in the phrase "O ankle-wings lightening and fleeing" (44), which represents the magical fusion of the substantiated properties of the "sound" of pine; these properties include speed, lightness, evanescence, alternation, and texture.
36) The consubstantiation of silence's irrationality, its temporal and metaphoric qualities and, to no small degree, its noumenal character, make it very much of a piece with that sort of random sensation capable of evoking so much through such sparing means.
Indeed, it has been observed, this consubstantiation of a mother's and her son's figures produces a sense of absolute fusion, making "the loved form issue .
I employ terminology and concepts like mentacide, Negromachy, materialistic depression, psychological misorentation, psychological Africanity/Blackness, the process of identity diffusion (instead of Nigrescence), consubstantiation in Divine Ka, self-extension orientation, sexual misorientation, theological misorientation, Jonestown syndrome, internal versus external bias, own race preference, own-race maintenance .
This opportunistic travel, when combined with the modern and hyper-modern elements of the discursive prolepsis and the polyphonic performance of consubstantiation, became the central trope of the textual ecology of the 2008 presidential election.
Rather than such predication, medieval allegory exhibits the modality of transubstantiation or consubstantiation in which truth and goodness are revealed by means of the progressive accumulation and discarding (or erasing) of things so that the invisible stands forth as such.
But hypostatic union and consubstantiation are not really parallel.