consumer electronics

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consumer electronics

A wide-ranging field of electronics for the general user that includes devices such as TVs, VCRs, radios, walkie-talkies, hi-fi stereo, home theater, handheld and software-based games, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and Internet-connected appliances.

The implication was that people purchase consumer electronics for casual use and entertainment rather than professional use. However, each year, consumer devices become as sophisticated as yesteryear's professional gear. In addition, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches fit into both consumer and business categories.

What a Bunch of Names!
The name changes with the times. In 1924, the Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA) was founded to embrace the new wireless phenomenon. In 1950, it became the Radio-Television Manufacturers Association (RTMA), and three years later the Radio-Electronics-Television Manufacturers Association (RETMA). RETMA became the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) in 1957, and EIA's Consumer Electronics Group became the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA) in 1995. CEMA became CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) in 1999, and in 2015, CEA was renamed CTA (Consumer Technology Association). See CE quality, CES and consumer.
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Figure 91: Japan Consumer Electronics Market Value: $ billion, 2003-2007 156
Michael Dell, in his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show, challenged America's telecom industry to increase the rate of fiber-optic broadband penetration in the United States, according to the CES Daily publication.
We will continue to secure a substantial and significant place in today's consumer electronics marketplace by cultivating growth through the addition of multiple layers of products and brands as an integral part of our new direction.
Getting good low end sound into consumer electronics has been problematic because it typically requires either a separate subwoofer or major sacrifices with regard to sound quality," said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group.
The company provides technology clients in the software, computing, consumer electronics, storage and communications markets with customized supply chain solutions that improve time-to-market, productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing risk and cost.
markets a broad range of award-winning, advanced digital consumer electronics, information systems and home appliance products.
ElekTex is used in applications ranging from wearable electronic controls for consumer electronics and industrial wear to lightweight, low-power touch interfaces for CE accessories, telematics, military, transportation and space suits.
Cellular phones are another area of consumer electronics that has mushroomed in recent years.
We guarantee that they will have the ultimate consumer electronics shopping experience as well as the opportunity to take home more than a box.
Holt's presentation titled, "Enabling the All Digital Transition for Consumer Electronics," is an overview of the challenges faced by manufacturers of consumer electronics in the quest to transition from analog to all digital audio architectures.
ABI Research forecasts that the total number of Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics devices will grow from just 40 million shipped in 2006 to nearly 249 million in 2011.

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