consumer goods

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consumer goods


consumption goods

goods that satisfy immediate personal needs rather than goods used in the production of other goods and of services.
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Consumer Goods


products of labor destined for nonproduction uses, primarily personal consumption. Consumer goods are material goods used by the population to satisfy its needs. They include food products, clothing and footwear, housing, and the fuel, lighting, water, gas, and electricity used for domestic needs. They also include furniture and household articles, books and magazines, home entertainment equipment, sporting goods, toiletries, and medicines. All material goods used by establishments in the service sphere, including buildings and structures, are consumer goods; the same is true of those sectors that satisfy social needs in administration, science, and defense.

Many products of labor can have either nonproduction or production uses. Thus, flour used at a bread-baking plant, sugar used in making confectionery, and fruits for canning function as means of production.

Services are a special category of consumer goods.


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The database provides complete and detailed analysis in property and casualty insurance; workers' compensation; first and second mortgage and home equity; motor vehicle financing; watercraft financing; unsecured financing; student loans; debt collector licensing and consumer goods financing.
Doehner, who specializes in consumer goods and industrial services, and Virgilio Garza Zambrano, fellow partner who focuses on the industrial practice, bring extensive management experience to their executive searches.
Barthel's 1988 book describes how the (middle-class) "new" man which appeared in the United States in the 1980s was largely concerned with hedonistic style and consumer goods. Similarly, Mort's 1996 book on male shopping and style in Britain traces how these activities became increasingly important to many British men between the 195 Os and the 1980s.(13) However, because neither of these scholars connects this consumerism to the long history of male consumerism, their work tends to be ahistorical.
Credit did not become "the mainstay of the world of consumer goods during the fifteenth century" (104); it was already inveterate practice, in the purchase of all sorts of things, two centuries earlier.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the United Kingdom had lots of young people, who used the change in prices to increase the demand for imported consumer goods. In the 1990s, the young people aren't there.
To understand what will happen with consumer goods production, start with real disposable income.
The increase of 0.2% in industrial production in the Euro area in February 2014, compared with January 2014, is due to production of intermediate goods rising by 0.6% and non-durable consumer goods by 0.5%, while capital goods remained stable and durable consumer goods fell by 1.2% and energy by 1.7%.
Production of durable consumer goods fell by 2.6% in the eurozone and by 1.6% in the EU28.
By Santhosh V Perumal/Business Reporter Banking and consumer goods stocks witnessed sporadic selling, leading to a bearish run on the Qatar Exchange during the week ended Thursday, after a week-long Eid holidays.
The volume of Saudis' consumption of consumer goods is expected to reach SR 30 billion during Ramadan, according to economic experts.

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