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Victoria Fallaize produced Contact Lost for Cupsogue Pictures, which was written and directed by Gene Fallaize.
Halloween is when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and the best time to contact lost loved ones.
EVERY week we endeavour to help those wishing to contact lost friends or relatives through our Old Pals column.
Dorothy was born on Hallowe'en and her stage character, Ellen Small, was inspired by her own experiences trying to contact lost relatives.
Decision to bring Mir down taken after radio contact lost over last Christmas.
Some of the contact lost from overburdened faculty could be made up by an increase in contact time with grad students in labs with low student to teacher ratios, and through both formal and informal tutorials.
Equisearch uses proprietary methods to contact lost shareholders and quickly execute a process that results in the return of a lost asset.
Mr Macpherson said: "I have been trying for several years to locate and contact lost relations.