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contact process:

see sulfuric acidsulfuric acid,
chemical compound, H2SO4, colorless, odorless, extremely corrosive, oily liquid. It is sometimes called oil of vitriol. Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

When heated, the pure 100% acid loses sulfur trioxide gas, SO3
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contact process

[′kän‚takt ‚präs·əs]
(chemical engineering)
Catalytic manufacture of sulfuric acid from sulfur dioxide and oxygen.
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9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's economy, organizations are under intense pressure to find methods that decrease costs and improve productivity within customer contact processes.
The solution provides automation of customer contact processes and enables interoperability within the underlying applications like billing systems, CRM, Database etc.
Gartner research shows that poor-quality customer data can cost businesses dearly in terms of higher customer turnover and excessive expenses from customer contact processes such as mail-outs, missed sales opportunities, and even back-office functions such as budgeting, manufacturing, and distribution.
This idea was first proposed by researchers who modeled the propagation of congestion between neighboring routers based on contact processes with a Cayley tree [10].
Access to the partner-only portal containing documentation, FAQ's, and support contact processes
com), Social Media in Customer Care - Asia-Pacific View , finds that contact centers need to thoroughly assess the customer base, existing customer contact processes, and then analyze the need to build a new set of processes and programs to complement the existing ones.
com)-- Ameyo, the IP-based call center suite from Drishti-Soft enables Symphony BPO in achieving a 200% efficiency increase for their customer contact processes.
Physicians will be able to effortlessly change call with colleagues and trigger different contact processes based on their status.
With multiple communication channels at the discretion, it has become increasing important for next gen businesses to integrate their customer contact processes with new-age facilities like live chats.
Reach a personal assistant--knowledgeable Help Center representatives are available 24/7 to modify contact processes, update call schedules or answer questions.
Catalysts have been used commercially for more than a century, dating from the Deacon and contact processes, first used in the late 1800s.
No disruption to current dealer contact processes is anticipated.