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NASDAQ: PURE ), creator of the patented silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) antimicrobial, today announced that research conducted by scientists at the University of Arkansas demonstrates the superior efficacy of PURE Hard Surface over quaternary ammonia for cleaning and decontaminating food contact surfaces.
To evaluate it, we define a metric point, namely PRI, indicating whether the palm of object would rotate with respect to the contact surface [S.
While the area of the iron chills' contact surface practically had no influence on the solidification time of the test casting, the volume, representing heat capacity of the chill, was the only significant factor (Fig.
PURE Hard Surface provides an unparalleled combination of safety, efficacy and efficiency with its dual function as both a disinfectant and a food contact surface sanitizer.
Their research indicates that UV polymerization may effectively bind the enzymes, with retained activity, to a food contact surface to act as bioactive packaging.
IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense for Food Contact Surfaces[TM] harnesses the same broad-spectrum disinfecting power as Ultimate Germ Defense combined with registration by the US EPA for food contact surface sanitization while maintaining the EPA Category IV rating.
Also included are fabrication criteria to eliminate or reduce the number of cracks and crevices where product residues may lurk, sufficiently large radii in internal angles to prevent soils from being retained, product contact surface textures that facilitate the removal of soils, and the ability to easily disassemble the equipment for cleaning and inspection as necessary.
Key statement: The windshield molding incorporates an extruded strip of elastomeric material, such as Alcryn or Raupren melt-processible rubber, at the contact surface of the molding where a windshield primer is applied to the glass prior to the installation of the molding.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for its SDC-based disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer.
Responding to customer feedback, InstantGlaze II is a lower-viscosity, softer material that squeezes down during application to increase contact surface with the window, while offering the same green strength, reduced hold times and increased efficiency of InstantGlaze I, according to the manufacturer.