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All Pearson's correlation coefficients show strong relationship between contact time and sorption efficiency (values of r are equal to ~0.
Although sludge solubilisation lower at pH 9, it showed better mineralization after 20 minutes contact time than ozonation at neutral pH.
Our study found the improved hydrogen peroxide products were able to kill the pathogens tested in less than one minute, a contact time that is considerably less than the contact time of the QUAT product tested in this study," said David J.
The relationships between the shuttle run cutting time, ground contact time, trunk inclination angle, and trunk angular displacement were determined by Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient.
1 Influence of contact time on dynamic interfacial tension
For bridging, contact time and preheat temperature were more important while for through-hole penetration, preheat temperature was the main contributor.
7 % was achieved with a rather long contact time of 88 s at 330[degrees]C.
To improve use of provider time and increase productivity, in order to ensure that provision keeps up with demand the following processes are recommended: systematic screening so that more of the services needed by patients can be provided in a single visit, an increase in outreach work, adapting the distribution of patient-provider contact time, and financial incentives for providers to increase their patient load or work in the community.
F] CP MAS cw proton decoupling in PVDF-C0 and are acquired at spin rates of 15 kHz with a contact time of 100 [micro]s (Fig.
Our season and contact time with athletes is too limited to be able to "teach" power at the plate.
the sperm concentration required for 50% fertilization, derived from the linear regression of logit (proportion of eggs fertilized) versus sperm density) between species across a range of contact times demonstrated that contact time had a significant effect (P < 0.
Short contact time finish turning operations: When the tool's "in contact" time is short and the material is not especially "sticky," tools will generally run longer and produce improved surface finishes when they are run dry.