Container Ship

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container ship

[kən′tā·nər ‚ship]
(naval architecture)
A cargo ship which carries its cargo in weatherproof boxes (usually metal) of standard size, called containers, which need not be opened and are rapidly loaded or unloaded from the ship.

Container Ship


a ship for transporting cargo in containers. The construction of container ships rapidly increased after 1960 with the development of various types of container transport and the international standardization of container dimensions. The use of container ships has substantially cut transport expenses and loading and unloading time, in addition to ensuring the safety of cargo and its quick arrival at its destination. The carrying capacity of contemporary seagoing containerships is from 600 to 40,000 tons, and their speed is 22–65 km/hr (12–35 knots). The most common container ships are those with vertical loading (through cargo hatches). Containers are placed in the holds and on the upper deck (in one to four layers). Container ships usually run on the regular trade routes and are served at specialized container moorings by lifting cranes on shore.


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Sixteen-year-olds, Laura Becker, Kelly Mann, Adam Cook and Mikey Benson, were the first of four young people who successfully applied for a place on the Containerships vessel as part of a wider summer scheme led by new charity, the High Tide Foundation.
Supply:Reversing the trend of several months with a falling level of idled containerships, mid-July numbers from Alphaliner now indicate that 187 units for 448,000 TEU is currently idle.
The 298-ton freighter is believed to have sunk while the 5,601-ton containership sustained only minor damage with none of its crew injured, the officials said.
Successfully building and delivering the world's first LNG-powered containership here in the United States for coastwise service demonstrates that commercial shipbuilders, and owners and operators, are leading the world in the introduction of cutting-edge, green technology in support of the Jones Act," said Kevin Graney, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics NASSCO.
We plan to establish a similar framework for dry bulkers, car carriers and containerships in the near future.
They said they have found records of a North Korean-registered containership with the same name as that given by the shop owner entering Izumiotsu port.
GSL, conditional on the accomplishment of customary additional documentation and closing terms and conditions, is slated to receive the containership in next month.
To commemorate its early containership series, the shipyard has partnered with the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia to showcase a model of the original containership from the series.
SAN DIEGO, April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On Saturday, General Dynamics NASSCO launched the world's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered containership at a ceremony at the company's shipyard in San Diego.
Modification work on the 2,800 TEU containership will commence in April 2007 at Atlantic Marine's shipyard in Alabama, with delivery scheduled for June 2007.
The vessel is the fourth new containership built by the shipyard for Matson in the past four years, representing an investment of over $500 million.
TOTE s containership is slated to be the first gas-powered containership in the world and will lead the way for additional investments in infrastructure for liquefied natural gas.