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This alternative should be -- and probably will be -- pursued contemporaneously with developing biomass-based ethanol.
As to the plan's purported business purpose, the Tax Court rejected WinnDixie's argument that the COLI plan was to be used to fund a flexible benefits program (Winn-Flex) for its employees, noting that Winn-Dixie did not produce contemporaneously prepared documents showing that the policies were purchased to fund the program.
The proposed sale of the senior subordinated notes is expected to close contemporaneously with a new $125 million bank revolving credit facility.
are coming into existence contemporaneously with the dramatic shift in political economic organization that is being brought about by flexible specialization?
The mere presence of a capital transaction does not require that all expenses incurred contemporaneously with the transaction be capitalized as part of it.
China Medical will use the net proceeds from the offering to repurchase approximately US$30 million worth of its ADSs contemporaneously with the closing of the sale of the notes.
Regarding UPS's state insurance concern, the court wholly disregarded testimony from UPS executives on point, and stressed "[n]o contemporaneously prepared documentary evidence was presented to indicate that petitioner had such concerns .
Tire subsidiary (UST), which operates a tire monofill in Concord, North Carolina, to David Greenstein, its former President and CEO who resigned from WRI and its Board contemporaneously with the closing of the sale.
Contemporaneously with this acquisition and as a condition of the closing thereof, WBOA and the Company completed a private placement for gross proceeds of $3,300,000 through the sale of Company common stock and shares of WBOA Series A Convertible Preferred Stock and callable two-year warrants to purchase shares of WBOA common stock that will be exchanged for like preferred stock and warrants of the Company under the Share Purchase Agreement.
Rather, the subsequent step is analyzed as if it took place contemporaneously with the reorganization and would be treated by the IRS as part of the overall plan.
After discussions with the regulators, it was determined that a more satisfactory alternative would be for the Offeror to offer to purchase Subordinate Voting Shares and to contemporaneously offer to purchase Options and Employee Preference Shares on substantially the same basis as the Subordinate Voting Shares.