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She further contended that Qureshi and Shafqat had been issued notices by the court in the stay application but they had allegedly ignored those orders.
'Plaintiff would contend that the defendant owed to it a duty of care in the circumstances, which it failed to do.
'His promise to provide better wages for workers remains a pie in the sky,' Contend added.
This new venture presents Contend with access to an expanded suite of proprietary shopper data services, increased creative and execution capabilities including experiential and retail marketing, sales and merchandising, package design, branding, digital marketing, media distribution and social amplification.
Founded in the spring of 2014, Contend specializes in creating, producing and distributing data-driven content to deliver measurable business results.
Kaufman, a clinical professor of psychology at Yale University School of Medicine, contends that existing studies neglected to control for generational relationships of social dysfunction, such as whether a child's parents were themselves delinquent, which is a risk factor for delinquency.
Members of the political and legal system, from criminals to lawyers to federal judges, contend that Project Exile has certain inherent flaws and that it is not a panacea for the problems of gun violence that plague Richmond or any other U.S.
I would further contend that many critics have too readily ascribed various characters' positions to Hopkins's own voice and fail to recognize the complexity with which Hopkins represents race, gender, sexuality, morality, nationality, religion, and class.
"LeVake does not contend that respondents prohibited him from practicing the religion of his choice.
In this case, however, some observers contend that while the underlying materials involved in this case--EEOC rulings and jury verdicts--may be in themselves public information, the process involved in preparing them for publication is much different than simply republishing the addresses and telephone numbers in the Feist case--in other words, that enough additional editorial work is required to create the published product to justify copyright.
Some would surely contend that MP3 technology is so widespread and well entrenched that any move to eliminate it is doomed to fail.