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(Content Delivery Network) A distribution system on the Internet that accelerates the delivery of Web pages, audio, video and other Internet-based content to users around the world. The CDN replicates the content provider's files in servers, called "caching servers" or "edge servers," located in geographically dispersed datacenters. Most CDNs are third-party services; however, large companies may develop their own "enterprise CDN" (eCDN) to support remote locations more effectively.

When content is replicated throughout the country or the world, it is delivered to users with greater speed and reliability. The CDN network routes the user's request for content to the appropriate caching server based on the user's location. CDNs are often connected to multiple ISP backbones and have peering relationships with others, providing high availability to users.

Types of Services

Web Acceleration
Every CDN accelerates content delivery by nature of its multiple backbones (in most cases) and numerous caching servers. A CDN may also augment acceleration via compression between nodes in its own network. Quite often, only the graphics on a Web page are delivered by the CDN, while the HTML text is sent out from the customer's servers.

Streaming and Downloading
Video uses extensive network bandwidth, and many customers of a CDN use the service solely to stream video to users. A CDN may offer several streaming methods including Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight and progressive download, the latter using the same HTTP protocol as Web pages (see progressive download). Large downloads such as gaming software are also candidates for CDNs. The CDN may pull the data from the customer's origin server, or the customer may upload the files to the CDN.

Server-Side Processing
The CDN may offer server-side processing (Java, ASP, etc.). If the CDN does not do the processing, that operation takes place in the customer's servers, and the CDN can deliver the accompanying graphics or other downloads.

Hybrid CDN (Peer-to-Peer)
A CDN may support peer-to-peer processing, which requires client software to be installed in the user's computer or pre-installed in a set-top box.

The Vendors
As of 2019, Akamai, Google, Swarmify, Microsoft, Rackspace, Amazon and Limelight are among the largest CDN providers. See content peering.

Akamai's Control Center
Moving massive amounts of content every day, Akamai has a handle on the current state of the Internet. In mid-2008, Akamai's rotating world display (bottom) showed it was transmitting more than a trillion bits of data per second. See Akamai.

Akamai's Control Center
Moving massive amounts of content every day, Akamai has a handle on the current state of the Internet. In mid-2008, Akamai's rotating world display (bottom) showed it was transmitting more than a trillion bits of data per second. See Akamai.
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CDNetworks has expanded its premier content delivery service offerings in Telehouse New York and Los Angeles facilities in response to increasing demand from customers.
"We are delighted to join forces with Microsoft and Time Warner to enhance ContentGuard's efforts in the market to drive DRM interoperability," said Joe Berchtold, President of Thomson's Electronic Content Delivery Services. "Secure delivery of content with new, flexible business models is a key cornerstone of Thomson's Electronic Content Delivery services business, and we believe this unique partnership of content, technology, and media services will accelerate the development and deployment of our services."
Netli Inc is seeing sales of its year-old content delivery services driven largely by the fact that they can speed up web applications delivered to the Asia-Pacific region and Indian subcontinent, according to the company.
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Recent independent testing by Ernst & Young revealed that with EyeSpy "raw image delivery performance gains associated with high resolution or heavy user-load image serving alone were in excess of 1500%." EyeSpy is compatible with and complementary to Akamai's content delivery services by helping to ensure optimal performance of rich Web content.
With this partnership, telecommunications carriers can present their customers with new messaging and content delivery services such as hands-free, voice-enabled unified messaging/communication by using Talk2 with Tornado's UM/UC engine.
N2H2 specialists in filtering, Employee Internet Management and content delivery services, has made an evaluation edition of its latest Internet filtering software, N2H2 Internet Management for Microsoft ISA Server2000, available for a free 30day trial.
This is important for customers like CDN77, as end-users on their end also expect the highest uptimes for the content delivery services being provided."
"This project underlines the company's focus on the transition of complex government owned-and-operated satellite and terrestrial networks to commercial content delivery services," said Dwight Hunsicker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Globecomm's government division.
"CABSAT is an event which we continue to participate in year after year as it offers us an incredible platform to support the enterprises that rely on broadcast and content delivery services to expand and grow their business, technology, and innovation, in the region," said Fahad Al Hassawi, deputy CEO, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du).
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"By partnering with Cohesion, nSight will be able to offer existing and new clients more robust content delivery services, improve our publishing and education offering with forward thinking capabilities such as educational gaming, and expand our geographic reach so we can continue giving the personal consulting that nSight has always championed."

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