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When converting to a content management system, you can generally choose among three options:
And, unlike more complex content management systems, Inmagic Content Server is a system that can be deployed for use quickly and cost-effectively with only minimal support from the IT staff.
Dynamic content management systems such as Ektron's CMS 300 open a whole new world of control for your Web site.
They can try to force a single enterprisewide standard for all content management systems, or they can custom-build all of the connectors to all of the content management systems that the process-based application requires.
The new content management system to be supplied by on-IDLE will enable the charity to manage their own content so that they can keep audiences up-to-date with their many events and appeals, the company said.
According to information published by the consulting firm Gartner, Stamford, Conn., the average price of a web content management system in 1999 was $500,000.
With the Fission Content Management System, DataForm has the ability to create, edit, and update an unlimited number of content pages from any computer with internet access at any time.
According to the company, the content management system will ensure quality, currency and depth of regional and local information while at the same time eliminating the need for the regional offices to produce their own versions of national content.
They could exert this new control, while making it possible for employees with little or no knowledge of HTML or coding to make the changes content management system also allows the school to ensure design consistency and information accuracy throughout the site.
Stellent says the move is designed to expand its existing strong XML functionality to meet increasing customer demand for the ability to create content using XML authoring tools and store it directly in a content management system.

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