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That which surrounds, and gives meaning to, something else.

<grammar> In a grammar it refers to the symbols before and after the symbol under consideration. If the syntax of a symbol is independent of its context, the grammar is said to be context-free.



a segment of a text or speech, relatively complete in thought, in which the sense and meaning of each of its words (phrases) or quoted expressions is set forth in the most concrete and exact way.

Outside of the context (“taken out of context”) in which a quotation is linked stylistically and semantically, it can take on another, even opposite, meaning. In literature the context deter-mines the concrete content, the expressiveness, and the stylistic nuances not only of individual words, phrases, and utterances but of the different artistic methods as well (including poetic figures and verse rhythms). The context also determines the stylistic choice of words (for example, A. Blok wrote a note about the character of Gaetan while he was working on his play The Rose and the Cross; “not eyes but orbs, not hair but curls, not mouth but lips”). Breaking the context destroys the artistic unity of a text and the artistic image itself (it is impossible, for example, to catch the irony of something outside of its context). Placing something out of context, however, is sometimes used for stylistic effects, as in the case of parody.


The current status, condition or mode of a system. See context aware and context sensitive help.
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36] What the high politics/low politics distinction demonstrates, however, is that somehow within the context of equitable utilization, the Palestinians and Israelis must address the fundamental and ideological issue most particular and most relevant to their conflict - the Israeli conquest of Palestine.
Toxic and safe contexts were counterbalanced across two squads: The toxic context was Context A for Squad A, and Context B for Squad B.
Although this transformation has disrupted the personal subjective continuity imparted by a stable context of memory and personality, there is another sort of continuity or sameness: that created by the shared sense of always having been present.
The company's FreeMotion[TM] Library makes sensor fusion and user context awareness available in smartphones and tablets, to combine and process data from installed sensors and microprocessors, to better interpret users' movements and situations, and infer their intents.
The rest of the paper is organized as follows: in Section 2, the context model and its main elements are presented; in Section 3 we detail the context model management processes; Section 4 introduces the grounding concepts used to enhance the context model with autonomic features; Sections 5 defines the context model self-configuring property and presents a generic self-configuring algorithm; Sections 6 shows how the self-configuring context model is used to represent and manage context representation of our intelligent laboratory environment [DSRL], while Section 7 concludes the paper and shows the future work.
This solution relies on the core IMS architecture for transferring the different context information to a context-aware server.
Section 3 introduces the context specification and design phase conducted by context designers, whereas Section 4 details the context-awareness design phase conducted by the application context-awareness designers.
Between Melish and Waldstreicher, then, it is no longer tenable to argue that the cultural context of the time apologizes for the Founding Fathers' support of slavery.
Now the fact that historically "the church" has referred more palpably to an authority to be reckoned with than to a sustaining community of faith went a long way to making Max Weber's thesis palatable: the university providing its own context as a substitute for church as it functioned in the medieval centers of learning.
The only other coverage cases in the welding fume context have addressed the question of which policies are implicated by welding fume lawsuits, which is commonly referred to as the "trigger of coverage" issue.
We believe that career counseling that is context sensitive includes explicit, ongoing attention not only to the client's cultural contexts but also to the cultural contexts of the counselors.