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context menu

The menu that is displayed when right clicking on a file name, icon, link or text. The "context" is the current situation, therefore the menu relates only to the element that is right clicked. See right click, context sensitive help and Menu key.

Right Click the Recycle Bin
When right clicking the icon in Windows, the context menu provides options that only pertain to the recycle bin.

Right Click on Highlighted Text
After highlighting some text from this newspaper article, right clicking displays the context menu. This is a common way text is copied from a Web page by the browser or from a document in a word processing application.
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The modern context menu (akin to the right-click menu on the desktop) is now a bar at the bottom.
Compared to Beta 1 version that was released in the end of 2009, this version features:Product performance optimizationSignificant improvement in stabilityLower system footprint Context menu scanningFullscreen mode ensures uninterrupted presentations or aplications by alert-windowsSplash screen and About windowAntivirus configuration improvementsEven though the Mac or Linux platform may not be targeted directly, it can act as a malware carrier and cause serious damage to Windows-based systems in the network.
Frequent operations are available through the context menu, toolbar, and common keyboard shortcuts.
A number of changes have been brought in, including support for theme switching, support for 120dpi in Windows Vista and 7, the ability to set menu transparency, faster menu loading times and the option to uninstall apps through a right-click context menu.
Misspelled words can be replaced using an automatically inserted context menu.
As a fast lesson in solving and plot ting with ease, the results in Figure 2 were generated by merely typing a short expression, highlighting it and clicking on it to get a context menu, selecting integration and generating the answer.
If you right click on a link, a context menu item called Read This Link Later lets you add the target webpage to your list.
It can be built using the Wireshark Filter Expression wizard, by typing specific values into the filter box, or by using the context menu. Each protocol decoder has its own expression words.
Using Smart Keywords, users can CTRL-click (or right-click on a PC) in any search box they encounter and select "add a Keyword for this search" from the context menu. When they do this, a bookmark is created that allows them to type a preselected keyword plus their search query into the address bar of their browsers, and the search is executed as if they had typed it into the search box on the webpage.
All with multiple export formats (include HTML and XML), command-line support, shell context menu integration, built-in network awareness, and much more.
In addition to Blaze Media Pro, Mystik Media also offers AutoImager, a full-featured Windows batch image processing and conversion application; Blaze MediaConvert, a batch conversion program that supports more than 70 image, audio, animation, and video formats; AudioEdit Deluxe, an audio editor and converter that lets you play, create, record, edit, and apply audio effects; ContextView Pro, an advanced Windows Explorer extension that previews and provides editing of image/video/audio directly on the right-click context menu; and TrayAudio, an easy way to set up audio playlists.
You can sort the records by clicking on the field headers, or by tap-holding a header on the context menu. You can also reorder the fields by dragging the column headers around.

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