context switching

context switching

[′kän‚text ‚swich·iŋ]
(computer science)
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task switching

Switching between applications that have been loaded in memory (are currently open). It generally refers to a user purposely jumping from one application to another, for example, by pressing Alt-Tab in Windows or Command-Tab in the Mac. See task switcher.

Manual or Automatic
Context switching implies switching between applications that are open but dormant in the background, waiting to be resumed where they were left off. This is a manual form of task switching.

Multitasking implies automatic task switching, in which the operating system and applications cooperate in causing the computer to move from application to application in a round robin sequence. See multitasking.
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It requires 4 GB RAM only and has no scheduling and context switching (slow and specific operations), saving CPU resources for additional applications.
The Snapdragon 820A processor, said to be Qualcomm Technologies' most advanced automotive solution, can support the PSA Group's infotainment systems to deliver immersive in-car experiences, such as music and video streaming, 3D navigation, support for multiple high-resolution displays, and superior GPU performance with intelligent pre-emption and context switching.
In RTSs based on software schedulers, the overhead generated by the operating system and the clock cycles needed for context switching are only a few parameters that can generate an increase of the jitter and the missing of deadlines.
Express Logic's ThreadX is a small, fast, royalty-free RTOS that provides embedded developers with priority-based preemptive scheduling, optimized context switching, and a highly intuitive API.
Differently, since all computing units show homogeneous I/O conditions, in our processor, the context switching of a new data-flow program graph only requires the change of the operation and interconnect codes.
If excessive adjunctive behavior may become under contextual control, as this experiments seem to suggest, context switching may be used as a modulating variable in those situations in which excessive behavior appears.
What representation frameworks are suitable for modeling activities and context switching, and enable uniform context recall universally (across devices, platforms, and technologies)?
- Flush Control - applications can control flushing of pending commands before context switching enabling high-performance multithreaded applications;

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