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1. Logic (of a proposition) true under certain conditions, false under others; not necessary
2. Metaphysics (of some being) existing only as a matter of fact; not necessarily existing
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(1) The sum total of people forming a group or category that is homogeneous in some respect: for instance, the collective of workers of a plant, office employees of an institution, students of a school, or personnel of a military unit.

(2) A norm set for some specific purpose, the maximum number: for instance, the contingent of admission to a higher educational institution.

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In some cases, the number of shares contingently issuable may depend on both future earnings and future prices of the shares.
Hypothesis 2: The extent to which supervisors contingently punish
Paul's condemnation of certain acts falling under the second table of the decalogue, the closure of revelation with the death of the last apostle, and the obvious thrust of Veritatis splendor, it can be stated that it will never be licit to act against the divine precepts, "till heaven and earth pass away," regardless of how the Old Testament loci for dispensations from those precepts should be interpreted; nevertheless in the last analysis this is because God has graciously and contingently willed it so.
"The well has now drilled through the bottom cement plug at (top of approximately 2,300m) and it is planned to drill to to an approximate depth of 2,750m in 8.5" hole before running a full suite of electric logs and rotary sidewall cores." Following evaluation of the section from the base of the Mereenie Sandstone to the mid Pacoota Sandstone, 7" casing is planned to be run to the depth of 2,750m before contingently drilling ahead in 6" hole to a Total Depth of approximately 3,450m to evaluate possible Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHIs) in the lower Pacoota Sandstone, the Goyder Formation and the upper section of an interpreted salt dome.
That changed in November 2004, when EITF 04-8, "The Effect of Contingently Convertible Debt on Diluted Earnings per Share," declared that CoCos whose conversion triggers are based solely on market price should be treated exactly the same way as any other convertible debt in computing EPS; that is, they should immediately be included in the computation of diluted EPS.
Instead, the fragmented and contingently "whirling" bits of paper suggest the disintegration and/or incoherence of the written self or name, as well as his encounter with the "zoot-suitors" which, as I argue below, yields a vision of undefinability.
[62] But Ariosto's politically charged use of interlace takes the poem's relation to its historical circumstances a step further -- allowing a corrosive, structurally determined irony to play over the poet's apparently pious celebration of patrons and potentates, creating at least the illusion that the poem afforded a refuge and a point of vantage from which history could be viewed, interpreted, and contingently mastered.
Contingently Issuable Shares Based on Market Value.
Scotus attributed to his predecessors, especially Aquinas, a model of God and created things according to which God, who is the first cause of all things, causes necessarily, but some proximate causes cause contingently, as a result of which not everything happens of necessity.
Laws of nature, if there are any, are relations which contingently obtain amongst such universals.
In other words, are politics and intellectual activity linked essentially or contingently? On whose plan?
Included in the calculation of diluted EPS would be all dilutive options, warrants, convertibles and contingently issuable shares regardless of when they must be exercised, converted or issued.