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1. Logic (of a proposition) true under certain conditions, false under others; not necessary
2. Metaphysics (of some being) existing only as a matter of fact; not necessarily existing





(1) The sum total of people forming a group or category that is homogeneous in some respect: for instance, the collective of workers of a plant, office employees of an institution, students of a school, or personnel of a military unit.

(2) A norm set for some specific purpose, the maximum number: for instance, the contingent of admission to a higher educational institution.

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The increase in income from operations is primarily attributable to the decrease in the fair value of contingently issuable non-voting membership units.
In some cases, the number of shares contingently issuable may depend on both future earnings and future prices of the shares.
Instead, the fragmented and contingently "whirling" bits of paper suggest the disintegration and/or incoherence of the written self or name, as well as his encounter with the "zoot-suitors" which, as I argue below, yields a vision of undefinability.
Total liabilities, contingently redeemable common stock and stockholders' equity
The critique emphasizes Berofsky's view that contingency is not a limit on autonomy; my preferences, which are contingently determined, help determine my choices, but these are not a limit on my autonomy.
The settlement will see the bank relinquish its claim to USD75m that was contingently paid to the estate at the beginning of the liquidation.
offers a narrative institutional history of how SB100 came to be adopted and implemented across the state, highlighting how the interests of different institutional and economic actors contingently converged and diverged and eventually resulted in Oregon's model land-use governance.
7" casing is planned to be run to the depth of 2,750m before contingently drilling ahead in 6" hole.
Following a baseline period, each participant comple ted a sorting task, where the tester contingently presented each preference assessment stimulus for a correct response.
There is a radical difference between a universe and its deity that (1) develops contingently within the rules determined by God or (2) is revised by regularly creating improvements based on what was learned through the interaction and extinction of the previously created entities.
All other advisers are willing to work contingently so why not you?
Like Wilson, Tooby and DeVore argue that what distinguishes humans from other species is their highly developed ability to represent contingently true information, including hypothetical propositions.