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1. Logic (of a proposition) true under certain conditions, false under others; not necessary
2. Metaphysics (of some being) existing only as a matter of fact; not necessarily existing





(1) The sum total of people forming a group or category that is homogeneous in some respect: for instance, the collective of workers of a plant, office employees of an institution, students of a school, or personnel of a military unit.

(2) A norm set for some specific purpose, the maximum number: for instance, the contingent of admission to a higher educational institution.

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A company should include the unvested ESPP committed contributions as contingently issuable shares, pursuant to ASC 260-10-45-17, when using the TSM for the calculation of diluted EPS The assumed proceeds for ESPPs under the TSM consist of the purchase price of the ESPPs and the average unamortized compensation cost.
Using this item contingently produced higher rates of sorting than without it, as evidenced by the return to baseline levels in the Baseline 2 condition.
Robertson employs theories of embodiment and hegemonic masculinity to elucidate differences in gay, disabled, and contingently able-bodied and straight men's accounts of health, how they engage in good (and bad) practices affecting their health, and how these practices are influenced by perceptions of masculinity, personal relationships, and the context of their everyday lives.
All other advisers are willing to work contingently so why not you?
Like Wilson, Tooby and DeVore argue that what distinguishes humans from other species is their highly developed ability to represent contingently true information, including hypothetical propositions.
The light exercise and moderate temperature made only a sweatshirt necessary, with a water bottle, fleece pullover and rain cape contingently carried in my backpack.
But, as she describes in her first chapter, a complex, highly skilled, and inevitably arbitrary process of collating texts was required to make those diverse texts express, however, contingently, the meanings required by Reformed orthodoxy.
They play out contingently in the realm Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa called the "drama em gente" (the drama of people)--the negotiated, decentered social space that, not coincidentally, is the very same one within which projects like Ghosttown take place.
Second, lenders typically charge fees for making credit contingently available through a loan commitment but charge interest on a loan.
Moreover, there is a high intellectual price to be paid for Stenger's brand of atheism: First, one must believe that a contingently existing universe inexplicably exists for absolutely no reason at all.