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said the Sub-Warden, seemingly in continuation of a conversation with the Professor.
To be called into notice in such a manner, to hear that it was but the prelude to something so infinitely worse, to be told that she must do what was so impossible as to act; and then to have the charge of obstinacy and ingratitude follow it, enforced with such a hint at the dependence of her situation, had been too distressing at the time to make the remembrance when she was alone much less so, especially with the superadded dread of what the morrow might produce in continuation of the subject.
He had made the latter a sign to seat himself on a stool near the door, and, after several moments of a silence which appeared to be a continuation of a preceding meditation, he said to him in a rather patronizing way, "Good day, Master Jacques.
Applicants who have already filed two continuations before 21st August, 2007, may file 'one more' continuation in that patent family without having to file a petition.
He identified four extension studies--the only type of continuation study that can be analyzed for its placebo effect--related relapse; in these studies, the patients were treated for their acute depression with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for 6-8 weeks, followed by a continuation phase in which patients continued to take their drug for up to an additional year.
REITs, especially those as big as EOP and Trizec, has caused some alarm among market observers however, who fear that continuation of the trend could eventually put a dent in the sector's market capitalization and diminish its attractiveness to its essential clientele, institutional investors who wield the billions of dollars that have supported the industry.
Because they've agreed to subscribe (with the first three issues free), you may then send them an invoice rather than a continuation notice.
While it's possible to address the issues of finding a new firm owner, nurturing your future leaders, transitioning clients, establishing operating processes that will continue, drafting necessary agreements (practice continuation, buy-sell and other agreements) and more, those steps are best supported by evolution.
Thus, the acquirer's debt instruments represent a continuation of the security holder's investment in the target in substantially the same form and are securities under Sec.
In the German study, records were examined for 205 patients taking levetiracetam, 227 patients taking topiramate, and 168 patients taking oxcarbazepine as add-on therapy to determine adverse events and possible differences in drug continuation.
The spotter helps return the bar to the racks and a 30-second continuation set is utilized.