continuation school

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continuation school:

see vocational educationvocational education,
training designed to advance individuals' general proficiency, especially in relation to their present or future occupations. The term does not normally include training for the professions.
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Tate's decision to allow holders of state scholarships (they had been recently re-introduced) to take their scholarships up at the Continuation School was correctly perceived by the Argus as 'the first step towards secondary education by the state in Victoria'.
The interviews cover organizational issues, leadership style, testing, curriculum, community and staff connection, consistency, decision making, committees, planning, school politics, international students, cultural issues, continuation schools, and academic achievement.
And again, the school ranged from international students and cultural issues to continuation schools and organizational coherence and grounding necessary for management control and authority.
No of schools: 61 across 17 districts (34 elementary, 7 middle, 2 junior high and 8 high schools; plus 7 continuation schools and 3 other facilities)
Students are typically referred or transferred to continuation schools as a result of academic difficulties (e.g., failing grades, lack of credits) and/or behavior problems (e.g., truancy, fighting).
Some send kids to the few available continuation schools for students with behavior problems.
She participated in the hiring of Amelia Munson (1950), who went on to work with the so-called continuation schools, forerunners of vocational schools, and to write An Ample Field, one of the classic books on young adult literature.
A negative perception of working-class youth coincided with fears of crowds and cities to bring about largely private efforts, defined by Hendrick as the "professional middle class and its circle,"(9) to socially control youth through labor exchanges, continuation schools and leisure time organizations.
The plan is to place all of the district's alternatives to traditional high school, including continuation schools, schools for pregnant students and schools for independent study under the division that runs the adult and continuing education schools.
Located on small, self-contained campuses with little connection to the larger, traditional high school, continuation schools have smaller teacher-to-student ratios, tend to provide more support services (such as counselors and school psychologists), and offer a more flexible curriculum with job training options.
This brief summarizes the initial research study from the California Alternative Education Research Project, which examines continuation schools specifically.