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Kurt van Wersch has published numerous articles relating to continuous dyeing and denim finishing methods and is widely known throughout the industry and is widely recognised as 'the man with the distinguished looking 'handlebar mustache'.
Key words: Colour fastness, Tensile strength, Natural dye, Alkanna tinctoria, Continuous dyeing, crosslinkers.
The hall includes a full Thermex continuous dyeing range suitable for the Econtrol process; a Montex 6500 stenter with a vertical chain return and equipped with Eco Applicator; and a Montex 8000 stenter for technical textiles--incorporating Eco Applicator, high temperature and an explosion-proof execution for treating fabrics with solvents.
ABSTRACT: In continuous dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes, steaming and baking are two ways to expedite dye-fibre reaction and are often regarded as dye fixation phase of the dyeing process.
Feroze Alam Lari, managing director of Afroze, said that with the company's new 750,000-square-foot towel mill, which he said will be Pakistan's largest and most advanced, with 72 air-jet looms and continuous dyeing, bleaching and tumbling, its towel capacity will go up by 150 percent.
50 Years Ago Puzzling over the snags which hitherto have made a continuous dyeing process but an idle dream, a Coventry managing director and his youthful assistant sought inspiration in the mountain air of North Wales and the Lakes.
NASDAQ:DXYN) today announced that the Company is engaged in due diligence designed to determine whether and to what extent a continuous dyeing facility located in Calhoun, Georgia, owned by Milliken & Company, could serve Dixie's needs for continuous dyeing.
The Monforts production facility, Montex Maschinenfabrik in Austria, produces all ranges for technical textiles, continuous dyeing ranges, compressive shrinking ranges and stenters.
There were increases in global deliveries of continuous dyeing machinery, compressive shrinking machinery, stentering machinery and continuous relaxation drying machinery.
All in all, it is a universal hotflue for continuous dyeing, condensing and thermosoling with unrivalled reliability at the highest fabric speeds.

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