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in international law, goods necessary or useful in the prosecution of war that a belligerent may lawfully seize from a neutral who is attempting to deliver them to the enemy. The term is sometimes also applied to the goods carried into a country by smugglingsmuggling,
illegal transport across state or national boundaries of goods or persons liable to customs or to prohibition. Smuggling has been carried on in nearly all nations and has occasionally been adopted as an instrument of national policy, as by Great Britain against Spain
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. The penalty for carrying contraband goods is the confiscation of the goods and often also of the vessel (see prizeprize,
in maritime law, the private property of an enemy that a belligerent captures at sea. For the capture of the vessel or cargo to be lawful it must be made outside neutral waters and by authority of the belligerent.
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). Neutral ships guilty of direct assistance to the enemy may be treated as enemy ships. International law has not precisely defined all classes of goods that are contraband of war per se. Munitions are certainly absolute contraband, but the status of food and other conditional contraband at least indirectly needed for war is often in doubt. At the second (1907) of the Hague ConferencesHague Conferences,
term for the International Peace Conference of 1899 (First Hague Conference) and the Second International Peace Conference of 1907 (Second Hague Conference). Both were called by Russia and met at The Hague, the Netherlands.
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 a vain attempt to define the classes of contraband was made. In World War I many powers at first agreed to abide by the terms of the Declaration of London (see London, Declaration ofLondon, Declaration of,
international code of maritime law, especially as related to war, proposed in 1909. The declaration grew largely out of the attempt at the second of the Hague Conferences to set up an international prize court with compulsory jurisdiction.
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) respecting contraband, but in time unconditional blockadeblockade,
use of naval forces to cut off maritime communication and supply. Blockades may be used to prevent shipping from reaching enemy ports, or they may serve purposes of coercion. The term is rarely applied to land sieges.
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 of all goods was adopted. At the beginning of World War II the belligerents drew up lists of absolute and conditional contraband, but the total absorption of the economy in warfare led to the prohibition, so far as possible, of all shipping to the enemy.


See P. C. Jessup, The Early Development of the Law of Contraband of War (1933).


a. goods that are prohibited by law from being exported or imported
b. illegally imported or exported goods
2. illegal traffic in such goods; smuggling
3. (during the American Civil War) a Black slave captured by the Union forces or one who escaped to the Union lines
4. of goods
a. forbidden by law from being imported or exported
b. illegally imported or exported
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French authorities detained flight attendant Tanveer Gulzar after he was allegedly found in possession of contraband on the flagship carrier's flight PK-749 in Paris.
The contraband seized included tobacco, two cell phones and drugs.
According to a statement released by the ANF, 284 tonnes of various types of contraband was set alight by Commander Southern Command (CSC) Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa.
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The narcotic sealed in bags was concealed in the cavities of the vehicle and the value of the contraband in the international market is reportedly more than Rs 22.
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BuCor Chief Benjamin Delos Santos on Monday said the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force (PNP - SAF) will conduct a continuous operation to prevent inmates from smuggling contraband inside prison.
We've graduated from the football full of cell phones and marijuana being tossed over the fence; now, contraband comes in via air.
In its simplest form, contraband items are illicit goods referring to items that are imported or exported illegally, most commonly drugs, weapons, counterfeited items like cigarettes, software, music and videos.
Since 2009, the state has allocated $10 million every two years for "security enhancements for contraband interdiction," said Robert Hurst, a Criminal Justice Department spokesman.
The seats have been ripped off and a customs official explains that they have been altered to carry contraband merchandise such as cigarettes, liquor, clothes, toys, and electronic appliances.
The reality is that these sanctions have little impact on the availability of contraband.