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contrabassoon, large, deep-toned instrument of the oboe family, also called double bassoon. Its tube, over 16 ft (5 m) long, is doubled upon itself four times. It was first made by Hans Schreiber of Berlin in 1620. Handel, Haydn, and Beethoven used it for special effects, but it was characterized by faulty intonation until a German, Wilhelm Heckel, in the late 19th cent. made the type generally used today.

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a wind musical instrument; a variety of the bassoon with a lower pitch. The instrument was created in the early 17th century by the German master craftsman H. Schreiber and perfected in the early 20th century by the German designer J. A. Heckel. Its tube is nearly 5 m long, and its com-pass is Cl-f. The contrabassoon is used in symphony orchestras and wind ensembles.

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Scoring: piccolo, 3 flutes (1 doubling as piccolo 2), 3 oboes, English horn (doubling as oboe 4), 4 clarinets (1 in D, 1 in [B.sup.[flat]], 2 in A), bass clarinet, 3 bassoons, 1 contrabassoon, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 4 trombones, 1 bass tuba, harp, celesta, percussion, strings.
It is twenty-one minutes in length and is scored for two flutes (piccolo and alto flute), two oboes, two clarinets (bass clarinets), two bassoons (contrabassoon), three horns, two trumpets, two trombones, percussion (timpani, four Chinese tom-toms, Small Peking Opera gong, small tambourine, marimba, large temple block, small suspended cymbal, guiro, Japanese woodblock, slapstick, large tam-tam, large Chinese bass drum), harp, piano, and strings.
As the creation of man approaches, the orchestra gives us a new world out of chaos where the orchestra, whether it be the lightness of violins, sweetness of flutes or power of the contrabassoon, brings to life the diversity of nature from eagles and whales to lions and tigers.
All right, it was too optimistic of him to expect the timpani not to drown out the low F, despite his assigning the weight of two bassoons and a contrabassoon to it, and maybe no degree of authenticity in performance can find the solution to that.
The orchestration includes flute, oboe, English horn, B& clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, two horns, two trumpets, two trombones, two violins I and II, two violas, two celli, and two contrabasses.
Concerto for Contrabassoon: Reduction for Contrabassoon and Piano.
And it was a nice idea to let London catch up with John Woolrich's 2009 contrabassoon concerto Falling Down - with its dedicatee, the CBSO's Margaret Cookhorn, easily commanding this huge venue.
The Index was a remarkable monument to Langwill's lifelong interest in the subject and had its origins in his researches into the history of the bassoon (which itself culminated in The bassoon and contrabassoon (1965), the first full-length study devoted to the instrument in any language).
clarinets, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, 2 alto saxophones, tenor saxophone, 2 baritone saxophones, 2 bassoons, and contrabassoon. $45.
WE will be hearing what might be the first-ever concerto for Contrabassoon to be performed at the BBC Proms on Sunday, when Margaret Cookhorn reprises her unforgettable premiere of John Woolrich's Falling Down with the CBSO at Symphony Hall in July 2009.
dissatisfied with the contrabassoon as they knew it." Ravel's joke in l'Heure espagnole is at the end of the opera, a low D for sarrusophone, with a simultaneous marking in the voice part: "Le contrebasson [sic] termine."
Vivaldi wrote several (but so he did for virtually every instrument in existence), Mozart (the greatest, though he probably dashed it off with scarcely a thought), Weber, not many others - though John Woolrich's Falling Down for contrabassoon is a wonderful very recent addition to the repertoire.