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see birth controlbirth control,
practice of contraception for the purpose of limiting reproduction. Methods of Birth Control

Male birth control methods include withdrawal of the male before ejaculation (the oldest contraceptive technique) and use of the condom, a rubber sheath
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methods and agents for preventing pregnancy; contraception may be physiological or artificial.

There are days of “physiological sterility” during each menstrual cycle: in a 21-day cycle these are days one and 15–21; in a 28-day cycle, days one to six and 22–28; and so on for other cycles. However, contraception based on these physiological characteristics is not entirely dependable, since the periods of ovulation may vary. Temporary sterility (inability to conceive) also occurs in many women during breast-feeding, particularly during the first postpartum months.

Artificial contraception includes the use of mechanical, chemical, biological, or surgical agents and methods or a combination of them. Contraception has a great social impact as a principal method for the prophylaxis of abortion, for family planning, and for regulation of population growth in individual countries.


Prevention of impregnation.
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The HSCIC figures reveal that emergency contraception was dispensed to underage girls in England on 8,885 occasions in 2014-15.
Among oral emergency contraception methods, ulipristal acetate is more effective than the levonorgestrel-only regimen and is effective for up to 5 days.
A mere 9 percent of millennials say contraception is morally wrong.
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When it comes to methods of both contraception and assisted fertility, bioethics sources with bin Judaism are copious.
The typical woman needs to consider contraception for up to 30 years of her life.
But in June, the federal government dropped its appeal, and FDA said it will allow the sale of one-pill versions of emergency contraception without age restrictions beginning with Plan B One-Step.
Stickland also filed HCR 32, which would urge the federal government to provide an exemption to the contraception rule for religious organizations and businesses.
According to the AAP, teens today "younger than 17 years must obtain a prescription from a physician to access emergency contraception in most states.
A great effort has been made to make condoms more pleasurable for men, but you don't hear about this same effort going toward reducing the negative impact of contraception on women's sexual functioning.
Despite the prevalence of state mandates, Obama announced a compromise Friday: Insurance companies, not employers, will be required to pay for contraception services.
In Egypt 36% of men and women believe that bathing or showering after sex is an effective form of contraception.