contract bridge

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contract bridge:

see bridgebridge,
card game derived from whist, played with 52 cards by four players in two partnerships. Basic Rules

The cards in contract bridge rank from ace down to two; in bidding, suits rank spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.
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contract bridge

the most common variety of bridge, in which the declarer receives points counting towards game and rubber only for tricks he bids as well as makes, any overtricks receiving bonus points
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Others thrown out included contract bridge (too restricted), railway routes in Britain, the Albert Campion stories of Margery Allingham (too obscure) and the music of the Temperance Seven (too obscure).
The sixth edition of 'The Official Encyclopaedia of Bridge' has been published by the American Contract Bridge League.
Chiefs (-3 1/2) at 49ers: Bill Walsh's latest project: Adapting the West Coast Offense to contract bridge.
The modern variety, known as contract bridge, was first seen in Paris in 1918 and took the world by storm in the 1920s and 30s.
As reported in The New York Times and The Washington Post, this program--a new version of Great Game Products' BRIDGE BARON program--won the Baron Barclay World Bridge Computer Challenge, an international competition hosted in July 1997 by the American Contract Bridge League.
In card games such as contract bridge and poker, players deal not only with chance but also with incomplete information about what cards the other players hold.
Additional conventions at Grand Wayne in 1995 include the International Harvester Collectors Convention for those interested in old farm machinery; Great Lakes area convention of the Athletic Trainers Association; a "Star Trek" convention; an American Dance Association conference; the American Contract Bridge League, with more than 7,000 tables of bridge; and the Indiana Correctional Association Convention that features a portable jail.
Figures indicate that productivity has more than doubled in some aspects of design, primarily through the implementation of workstations and systems that have allowed designers unlimited access to powerful tools necessary for the production of contract bridge designs.
Contract Bridge League of Memphis, a member was suspended for misappropriation of funds.
creating acclaimed backgammon, chess and contract bridge games
Contract award: A Collective contract Bridge and tunnel maintenance in Finnmark 2015-2017.
SUTCLIFFE was speaking at the announcement of the AIG in Ireland becoming the insurance partner of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland

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