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If the insured selects the recommended contractor, USAA reviews and approves that contractor's estimate, and then mails a check to the contractor as the claims payment.
Liberty paid Barnwell and Stetler based on that estimate and sent them a settlement letter that required them to contact Liberty before beginning any work should their contractor's estimate of the work exceed Liberty's estimate.
3) Underestimating the time investment: Many factors can throw off your contractor's estimate for how long the job will take, and some aren't readily apparent from the outside--for example, a contractor may not discover that HVAC equipment or network cables are reducing access to old fixtures until he or she is opening up your ceiling.
The statistics chart shows the range for each contractor's estimate with the cost factor inputs.
The manager is a different person than the estimator who pares the contractor's estimate. The manager is the erson on the ground who runs the service.
It may also be tasked with reviewing the restoration contractor's estimate in terms of the proposed plan, not specific costs.
calculated its proposal; the government also calculated the proper, or non-negligent, estimate of roadwheels differently and lower than the contractor's estimate. (51)
These items include the circumstances of the conduct, the knowledgeable government personnel, the communications involved, the basis for any acceleration contention, the affected contract line items, the labor or materials added, deleted or wasted, the delay and disruption caused by the alleged change, the estimated adjustments to price, schedule and other affected contract provisions, and the contractor's estimate of the time available to the government to minimize the impact of the alleged change.
Note (4): Based in part on demolition contractor's estimate of percentage (30 percent) of total available project bricks that might be recoverable/salvageable.
Transtech's manufacturing process is disrupted at unpredictable intervals by (1) difficulty in obtaining quality urethane and other materials, (2) the nonautomated nature of Transtech's production process, and (3) Transtech's dependence on the accuracy of the glazing contractor's estimate, or "take-off."
Similarly, for labor assessments, the evaluator should evaluate the types, quantities, and skill mixes of labor hours proposed by the contractor and provide a detailed estimate of the necessary labor hours and mix, as well as the rationale for differences with the contractor's estimate to accomplish the proposed work.
The evaluation sheets should detail (a) the basis of the contractor's estimate, (b) the basis of the government's objective position, and (c) the basis of the government's initial position.

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