contractor's proposal

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1. An offer to perform the work described in a contract at a specified cost.
2. A complete and properly signed proposal to do the work, 1 or designated portion thereof for the sums stipulated therein, supported by data called for by the bidding requirements.
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Without such information, the government evaluation must rely heavily on factors (primarily technical and cost) in the contractor's proposal that describe a hypothetical situation: how the contractor plans to perform on a contract.
"The contractor's proposal to install compressor at onshore terminal to increase gas recovery from D1 and D3 fields has been approved by the management committee (MC), subject to contractor agreeing to CAG audit," she said in a written reply to a question.
In particular, 1) obtain a copy of the test report within five business days of the physical test; 2) obtain any required proposals from your contractor within five days of the report being distributed and 3) after receiving your contractor's proposal, authorize work that may be outside the contract within five days.
Without verifying labor charges against the contractor's proposal as required by FBI policy, there is an increased risk of disbursing funds for unallowable charges.
The second is a Continuous Services Agreement to be used with a contractor's proposal for on-going services, such as yearly landscape maintenance or janitorial services.
In 21 of them the contractor's proposal was within 5% of EPA's estimated labor hours.
The government SOO is not made part of the contract per the Federal Acquisition Regulation, so it is essential that each contractor's proposal SOW adequately describes the solution and/or all of the work to be performed.
In Individual Development Associates, Inc., (230) a contractor's proposal to provide educational services had the following notation on the bottom of each page: "All items under [the Schedule] are offered as an inseparable whole and cannot be divided in any way." (231) The contractor's proposal, containing that "inseparable whole" language, was incorporated into the contract.
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