control character

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control character

[kən′trōl ‚kar·ik·tər]
(computer science)
A character whose occurrence in a particular context initiates, modifies, or stops a control operation in a computer or associated equipment.
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control code

One or more characters used as a command to control a device or a communications session. Control codes may ride along with the data or be in a separate channel. There are countless codes used to control electronic devices. See escape code, return code, control channel and null.

ASCII Control Codes
In this ASCII chart, the leftmost column contains control codes for communications and printers. The rest of the columns are data (although ASCII 32 is also data). See ASCII.
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The first thirty-two characters in ASCII (codes 0 through 31) are control characters. In most applications we never see control characters because most software treats these thirty-two characters as non-printing characters.
Unicode HTML code Name Written symbol Hex code U+0020 Space " " U+00A0 No-break space " " U+200A   Hair space " " U+2000   En quad " " U+2002   En space " " U+2003   Em space " " U+2001   Em quad " " U+2004   Three-per-em space " " U+2005   Four-per-em space " " U+2006   Six-per-em space " " U+2007   Figure space " " U+2008   Punctuation space " " U+2009   Thin space " " U+202F   Narrow no-break space " " U+205F   Medium-mathematical space " " U+3000   Ideographic space " " Table 2: Unicode zero-width control characters [11, 32, 33].
ASCII's expanded character set can now represent both upper- and lower-case letters, the digits, 33 symbols, and 33 control characters (a character that controls peripheral devices such as a modem, or a printer, e.g., carriage return, linefeed, tab, etc.).
There are some programs that do not want to allow themselves to be interrupted or suspended; they want to process these control characters directly, perhaps taking some intermediate action before terminating or suspending themselves.
If you use the wrong word length, the computer misunderstands most of the characters and may interpret some as control characters (instructions to perform various functions).
Too Swole 2 Control characters have also received a minor upgrade, which allows them to lift refrigerators provided their strength potential has been maxed out.
Players will control characters such as Steve McQueen's baseball-loving GI as they try to escape from the World War II prison camp.
It can read files that are downloaded from mainframe print queues via modem or IRMA card, and discard the unneeded carriage control characters. Monarch inputs text files pulled from CD-ROM databases, reports downloaded from online information services, or text files created by PC application programs.
In async and bisync protocols, which are character-oriented, the line-handlers are always looking for recognizable control characters, usually seven or eight bits long.
Lumberyard also has full Twitch integration.  Amazon is including Twitch ChatPlay, which lets players control characters within the game using voice commands.
MK Trilogy, unleashed by GT Interactive for the PlayStation, lets you control characters from previous incarnations, including fighters such as SubZero and Smoke plus a new one Rain - the purple-clad Ninja.