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the equipment concerned with controlling the operation of an electrical device
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a low-voltage electrical device used for starting, speed regulation, reversing, and electric braking of DC and AC motors. It varies the electrical resistance in a control circuit and the connections in the power and excitation circuits of motors. Controllers are usually operated by means of a manual lever or a handwheel; servomotors are used for remote control.

Controllers are built as multistage flat, drum, or cam-operated contact switches. Flat controllers are mainly used where a large number of switching steps are required, as in the starting and regulation of electric motors up to 30–40 kilowatts (kW) in power. Drum controllers are used more often than other types for the direct control of DC motors up to 45 kW and AC motors up to 75 kW in power. As the drum is turned, segmented copper contacts touch fixed contacts, establishing different connections in the motor’s control circuits. For the control of high-powered electric motors where a large number of switching operations occur (up to 600 per hour), greater reliability is obtained with cam-operated controllers having rolling contacts, which provide greater wear resistance than sliding contacts.


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(control systems)
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An electric device (or combination of devices) designed to initiate one or more functions of operation, such as starting, stopping, reversing, and speed changing, of the apparatus to which it is connected; operation may be manual or automatic.
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A person authorized to provide air traffic control services. The term also refers to radar controllers employed either on air traffic or air defense duties.
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Part of a computer, typically a separate circuit board, which allows the computer to use certain kinds of peripheral devices. A disk controller is used to connect hard disks and floppy disks, a network controller is used for Ethernet. Other controllers are: keyboard controller, interrupt controller and graphics controller.
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(1) A device used to play video games. See video game controller.

(2) An electronic circuit board or system. In a computer, controllers contain the circuitry to run a peripheral device and are either contained in the chipset on the motherboard or on a plug-in expansion card. See control program and PC chipset.

Not As Much These Days
Although gamers may have a high-end graphics card that plugs into the computer's PCI Express bus, most peripheral control is in the chipset on the motherboard. See PC chipset.
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