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gradual return to health after illness, injury, or an operation, esp through rest
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in humans and animals, a period of recuperation that is characterized by the gradual disappearance of disease symptoms and the restoration of normal vital activities. The time limits of convalescence are conditional. The functions of individual organs begin to normalize at the height of the disease, that is, during the acute period.

Convalescence may be rapid or prolonged; the elimination of the basic disease and the restoration of bodily functions do not necessarily mean that the structures and functions of all systems and organs have recovered to the state prior to the illness. For instance, cardiomyopathy can occur after infections, and functional disorders of the nervous system can occur after influenza.

Convalescence is usually accompanied by improvement of appetite and by weight gain. General restorative treatment and medical rehabilitation are especially important. With some infections, for example, typhoid fever and dysentery, discharge of the causative agent may continue during convalescence. This accounts for the implementation of special measures to prevent epidemics; for instance, an individual may receive permission to work only after laboratory analysis confirms his health, and children convalescing from dysentery are kept in isolated wards.

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The period and process of recovery after an illness or injury.
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A change in the way people recover from illness or surgery means that two convalescent homes.
Seven fire engines were called to the site near Queen's Avenue in Colwyn Bay, which was home to the Mary Bamber building and the John Braddock Convalescent Home, and about 30 firefighters tackled the fire.
All cytokines analyzed in the erysipelas patients and control group were divided into four based on their expression levels during the acute phase and convalescent phase of the infection compared to their expression levels in the control group (Table 7).
West Kirby Children's Convalescent Home, which continues today as a residential school, and right, an 1899 illustration of a toddler with chronic catarrh using an inhalation machine
21 November 2014 - US biomedical products company Cerus Corp (NASDAQ:CERS) said Friday the US FDA had accepted its clinical protocol to make the INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma available under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) for treatment of convalescent plasma collected from Ebola disease survivors for passive immune therapy.
Even as the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging aggressive research into drugs to treat and vaccines to prevent Ebola hemorrhagic virus, it also is sanctioning the use of convalescent blood therapies for people with Ebola--that is, the injection of the whole blood or plasma of Ebola survivors into patients battling the disease.
According to the World Health Organisation, desperate Ebola patients resort to buying survivors' blood, often referred to as convalescent serum.
The building was used as a convalescent hospital during the two world wars, and later as a guest house before being demolished in 1963.
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