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gradual return to health after illness, injury, or an operation, esp through rest



in humans and animals, a period of recuperation that is characterized by the gradual disappearance of disease symptoms and the restoration of normal vital activities. The time limits of convalescence are conditional. The functions of individual organs begin to normalize at the height of the disease, that is, during the acute period.

Convalescence may be rapid or prolonged; the elimination of the basic disease and the restoration of bodily functions do not necessarily mean that the structures and functions of all systems and organs have recovered to the state prior to the illness. For instance, cardiomyopathy can occur after infections, and functional disorders of the nervous system can occur after influenza.

Convalescence is usually accompanied by improvement of appetite and by weight gain. General restorative treatment and medical rehabilitation are especially important. With some infections, for example, typhoid fever and dysentery, discharge of the causative agent may continue during convalescence. This accounts for the implementation of special measures to prevent epidemics; for instance, an individual may receive permission to work only after laboratory analysis confirms his health, and children convalescing from dysentery are kept in isolated wards.


The period and process of recovery after an illness or injury.
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Conclusion: In patients with acute and convalescent rheumatic fever, BNP and ADM levels were high compared to those of healthy subjects and this could be used as a complementary tool in the treatment and prognosis of ARE (Anadolu Kardiyol Derg 2008, 8: 188-91)
Animals in acute phase would require a suitable monitoring and treatment with specific drugs, whereas an animal group in single convalescent stage requires only monitoring, since its immune system has controlled the infection and have surpassed the critical phase of the disease.
Acute and convalescent sera were collected from all ill employees and tested for antibodies to H.
Sadly, I have spent my last visit to this wonderful facility as, from August 1st this year, it ceases as a convalescent facility and is due to be sold off by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund.
CDC has revised the laboratory criteria in the SARS case definition to require that convalescent serum be collected >28 days after symptom onset, instead of >21 days after symptom onset.
A POLICEMAN has been charged in connection with the theft of pictures from a convalescent home for sick and injured fellow officers.
ONE of the last remaining railway convalescent homes in Britain will be reopened by Princess Anne today after a pounds 1.
For the convalescent homes to remain a viable institution, administrators needed to reshape the Werk's mission.
The Canadian Forces agreed to allow the operation and even paid nearly $40,000 for the medical bills and convalescent costs.
The convalescent home represents another antecedent of the nursing home as we know it today.
PEOPLE recovering from illnesses or operations could spend time recovering in a convalescent home.