conversation analysis

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conversation(al) analysis

an approach within ETHNOMETHODOLOGY which analyses naturally occurring forms of talk. The objective is to uncover those general principles which govern the organization of talk, e.g. the rules governing turn-taking (i.e. how a conversation is managed by its participants, H. SACKS et al., 1974), and the implications of these in specific contexts (e.g. in clinical relationships, Atkinson, 1981).
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This study of jury selection for 792 potential jurors across twelve randomly selected North Carolina capital cases uses conversation analysis to examine the process that produces decisions about who serves on juries.
They also want to demonstrate how interactional linguistics inspired by conversation analysis can contribute to the cross-linguistic investigation of discourse markers and to the synchronic study of their grammaticization.
In a recent Facebook report on the millennial demographic and potential impact on the economic landscape, the company analyzed audience insights, conversation analysis and survey data in order to more deeply understand the millennial mindset towards finance.
Verbatim translation requested by crime agencies and courts is investigated and translation and transcription methods are suggested with reference to conversation analysis.
This book develops and explains methodological guidelines for conducting analysis using the kinds of perspectives Cooren employs in his work, such as speech act theory and conversation analysis.
The focus of our post observation conversations was not primarily on feedback; however, the suggestion that tension can arise from discourse features led us to put the data of post observation conversations under the micro-analytic lens of conversation analysis (henceforth CA) to better understand what was happening within these conversations.
The analysis of topic episodes in Chapter Four confirms a consistent finding in conversation analysis, namely that speakers control movement from one topic to another by signaling transitions with words like "so," "now," "O.
The method of Conversation Analysis will be employed to identify the communication roadblocks and dilemmas that characterise the implementantion of the TC approach to addiction recovery.
explore three examples while developing and integrating the notion of 'assessment' from different fields, including mental health, conversation analysis and education.
Essentially, conversation analysis (CA) is concerned with how speakers do things and how talk-in-interaction constitutes social action.
This is part of a recent shift in research focus towards combining 1) the traditional newsroom ethnography carried out by sociologists in the 1970s and 1980s focusing on routines with 2) linguistic micro-analysis inspired by linguistic anthropology focusing on "communicative practices as constitutive of the culture of everyday life" (Duranti 1997:xv) and 3) conversation analysis focusing on talk-in-interaction and how institutional practice is "talked into being" (Arminen 2005).
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