conversation analysis

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conversation(al) analysis

an approach within ETHNOMETHODOLOGY which analyses naturally occurring forms of talk. The objective is to uncover those general principles which govern the organization of talk, e.g. the rules governing turn-taking (i.e. how a conversation is managed by its participants, H. SACKS et al., 1974), and the implications of these in specific contexts (e.g. in clinical relationships, Atkinson, 1981).
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Scholars draw on a conversation analysis approach to multimodal interaction, or a cognitive linguistic approach to explore multimodality in unscripted Chinese conversation interaction.
Marchex invested in several key enhancements to its speech analytics technology, including additional deep learning capabilities, which have expanded both the accuracy and capacity of consumer-to-business conversation analysis. In addition, Marchex has invested heavily in internal resources, including the launch of the Marchex Innovation Development (MIND) Lab and the addition of several new data scientists.
In summary, the book is a worthwhile read for scholars and general audiences interested in CDA, communication, conversation analysis, politics, and sociology, particularly identity studies.
Mike Haen deploys Conversation Analysis, a method for studying the talk occurring in social interactions, to examine consultant-writer collaboration.
Turner practiced ethnomethodology and conversation analysis before being influenced by the works of A.
As a methodology, conversation analysis (CA)--that is, turning oral conversations into written texts with identifying markers before analysis--is challenging, but in writing center interchanges, CA can be especially intimidating because of the difficulty of capturing the interaction between talk and text.
Conversation analysis (CA) is a qualitative, data driven method used to study naturally occurring interaction and the collaborative accomplishment and organization of social action [33].
This study of jury selection for 792 potential jurors across twelve randomly selected North Carolina capital cases uses conversation analysis to examine the process that produces decisions about who serves on juries.
The book comprises three main parts, featuring the analytic strategies of narrative studies, conversation analysis, and discourse analysis respectively.
In a recent Facebook report on the millennial demographic and potential impact on the economic landscape, the company analyzed audience insights, conversation analysis and survey data in order to more deeply understand the millennial mindset towards finance.