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In her perceptive and original discussion of David Allan's work in Scotland during the 1770s and '80s, Retford extends the reach of the conversation piece from being a specifically English genre to a more properly British one.
ey not only improve visibility along this stretch of footpath and create a safer walking link for visitors to our wonderful new coastal walkway but also help to showcase a key cultural attraction at South Shields seafront by bathing the Conversation Piece in a warm glow.
Here's a conversation piece for your next dinner party.
You don't have to live in Brooklyn to have access to handcrafted, environmentally conscious crafts able to turn your apartment, your birthday gift or your outfit into a conversation piece.
The sculpture, made from recycled steel and copper, securely holds a 750 ml bottle of wine and doubles as a great conversation piece.
HERE'S a curiosity that would make an ideal conversation piece for your dinner guests: an eerily lifelike portrait fairground head of Chang Woo Gow (1841-1893), The Tallest Man in The Universe, born in Hankow, China.
SELF-CONTROL Seymour reminisces that he first learned about heat-generating flowers several decades ago, when a friend brought the large fingerlike projection of a self-heating flower, Philodendron selloum, as a conversation piece to a California party.
Although the fuddlecup appears to have no purpose, it is really a conversation piece in that it frustrates the drinker's aim in a humorous manner.
More a conversation piece than a serious informational device, this frosted glass orb slowly transitions between thousands of colors to indicate changes in the weather, the stock market, or if a friend or colleague is available via instant messenger.
The EcoDorm will no doubt be a conversation piece for years to come--after all, who could resist comment on the dorm's money-saving composting toilets, designed to augment student-managed vegetable gardens and landscaping?
The finished project is a one-of-a-kind vanity that is sure to be a conversation piece.
As part of an exhibition in Swansea, Barford presents his own installation called Conversation Piece which animates the story of the mythological Willow Pattern plate, the 250-year-old blue-and-white Japanese image which has become something of an icon for artists and others who explore the medium of painted chinaware.