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conversion, in psychology: see defense mechanism; hysteria.
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In adaptive reuse, change of use of a property, such as from a railroad station to a commercial facility.
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in linguistics, the formation of a new word from the transition of a given stem into another inflectional paradigm. For example, Russian pech’, “oven,” and pech’ “to bake,” and English love and (to) love are different parts of speech; in spite of external similarity, the base word and its derivative are different words, and the semantic relations between them may be diverse. The productivity of conversion is limited by the lexical significance of the stem and the structural peculiarities of the word.


Smirnitskii, A. I. Leksikologiia angliiskogo iazyka. Moscow, 1956. Pages 71–101.



in logic, the transformation of a sentence by changing the positions of its terms, the subject and predicate.

A conversion is said to be simple if quantifiers do not change when the sentence is converted. All negative propositions of the type “No S is P” and all particular affirmatives of the type “Some S are P” are converted simply. Universal affirmatives of the type “All S are P” are converted by limitation—that is, their conversions yield, generally speaking, a true sentence if the quantifier “all” is replaced by the quantifier “some.” Particular affirmatives of the type “Some S are not P” are not convertible: “Some smokers are not people” does not follow from “Some people do not smoke.”

In traditional logic, conversions were regarded as immediate inferences, which were placed in a special group. The rules governing them were formulated parallel’to the rules of syllogism. In modern predicate logic, conversion does not have independent meaning, and the rules of conversion per se are not included in the rules of logical deduction. This does not, however, diminish the heuristic value of conversion in logical thinking.

In the logic of relations, where every relation between the terms x and y has a corresponding concept about the relation between the terms y and x (the converse concept of the original relation), conversion involves replacing a given relation with its converse relation, while simultaneously transposing the terms of the relation.




in metallurgy, the treatment of metals that results in changes of chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, and aggregation state; either all or some of these parameters may undergo a change. The first conversion is the production of pig iron from iron ore in blast furnaces; the second is the production of steel from pig iron; and the third is the working of metals by pressure to produce metallic articles of the desired shapes and sizes. Rolling, pressing, forging, and stamping are the basic types of pressure working. The fourth conversion is the aftertreatment of rolled metals; the term can refer to cold-rolling of strip and sheet metals, to profiling of strips, to sizing, and to drawing, as well as to the application of protective coatings and the production of metal ware.

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(computer science)
Change of a compound from one isomeric form to another.
(chemical engineering)
The chemical change from reactants to products in an industrial chemical process. Also known as chemical conversion.
Determination of the rhumb-line direction of one point from another when the initial great-circle direction is known, or vice versa, the difference between the two directions being the conversion angle; used in connection with radio bearings, Consol, Consolan, and in great-circle sailing.
(nuclear physics)
Nuclear transformation of a fertile substance into a fissile substance.
(petroleum engineering)
Treatment of a drilling mud to alter its chemical properties. Also known as breakover.
Change in a quantity's numerical value as a result of using a different unit of measurement.
A defense mechanism whereby unconscious emotional conflict is transformed into physical disability, the affected part always having symbolic meaning pertinent to the nature of the conflict.
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breaking down, conversion

The process of sawing logs into boards.


1. See breaking down.
2. A change in the use of a building to another use which has different requirements according to code (e.g., different exit, fire-resistance, light and ventilation, loading, structural, or zoning requirements).
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1. a change to another attitude or belief, as in a change of religion
2. Maths a change in the units or form of a number or expression
3. Logic a form of inference by which one proposition is obtained as the converse of another proposition
4. Law
a. unauthorized dealing with or the assumption of rights of ownership to another's personal property
b. the changing of real property into personalty or personalty into realty
5. Rugby a score made after a try by kicking the ball over the crossbar from a place kick
6. Physics a change of fertile material to fissile material in a reactor
a. an alteration to a car engine to improve its performance
b. (as modifier): a conversion kit
8. NZ the unauthorized appropriation of a motor vehicle
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(1) See conversion filter, image filter and conversion rate.

(2) "Data conversion" changes data from one file or database format to another (see export and import). When dealing with mainframes, data conversion may also require code conversion (see ASCII and EBCDIC). See data conversion.

(3) "Graphics conversion" changes the data from one graphics file format to another. It may also require a change in architecture from vector to bitmap and vice versa. See graphics conversion.

(4) "Media conversion" changes the storage media such as from a hard disk to an optical disc. Media conversion may also refer to converting from analog to digital media (see digital converter).

(5) "Program conversion" changes the source code from one programming language to another or from one operating system platform to another.

(6) "Computer system conversion" changes the computer model and peripheral devices.

(7) "Information system conversion" requires data conversion and either program conversion or the installation of newly purchased or created application programs.
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Standardized QA and QC checkpoints are included as part of the conversion project plan to ensure smooth conversion and defect-free courses.
According to the proposed law, the case of forced conversion shall be disposed of by the court within a period of ninety days.
For purposes of processing application for land-use conversion from agricultural to residential, commercial and industrial uses, the task force will involve the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of Agriculture, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, National Housing Authority, and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.
The Presidential Agrarian Reform Council or PARC chaired by Duterte snubbed the draft executive order on land use conversion moratorium while the revalidation efforts did not take off as I was rejected by the Commission on Appointments," Mariano added.
The conversion was higher in 40-50 years' age group (46.15% of total conversion) and was low in 30-40 years' age group (15.38% of total conversion) patients.
Pathmanathan prior to embracing Islam, converted the three children on his own in 2009, three weeks after his own conversion.
There was a significant difference between the scores of control and conversion groups.
DCA performs the data conversion so that no customer data is loaded into the tool.
Forced conversion of girls to Islam is against the teachings of Islam and also a violation of law in the country, stated Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs Hafiz Hamdullah.
Si el tema de la conversion religiosa ha sido objeto de reflexion academica ya desde finales del siglo XIX, hoy en dia este interes se ha multiplicado extraordinariamente, conquistando un lugar cada vez mas significativo en los departamentos universitarios de estudios sobre la religion de todo el mundo.
Describing the paths through which individual conversion takes place in different social contexts, from dominant Islamic to secular ones, the book makes an in-depth approach to a very sensitive and difficult to reach subject and manages to give the reader a thorough image of this very interesting field.