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(computer science)
To transform the representation of data.


1. (Or "REC", "Regular Expression Converter") A string processing language that combined the pattern matching and transformation operations of COMIT with the recursive data structures of Lisp.

["Convert", A. Guzman et al, CACM 9(8):604-615, Aug 1966].

2. An early language to convert programs and data from one language to another.

["CONVERT Manual", OLI Systems Inc, Oct 1976].
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Its flagship product, Convert Experiments[TM], is a one-code installation solution that provides risk-free testing of large groups of landing pages through deep integrations with major eCommerce platforms and analytics tools.
Nearly two-thirds of converts were of African American (40%) or American White Caucasian (25%) ancestry, while the only non-convert to have either of these ancestries was Tarik Shah, who was the son of one of Malcolm X's aides and pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to al-Qa'ida.
This fact is important not only for Muslims who convert to Christianity but because, in the last 30 years, apostasy has become the main instrument to eliminate political adversaries.
Consider a high-watt lightbulb: Each second, it converts more electrical energy I to light energy and heat energy J than a bulb with a lower wattage.
They act in a pathway to convert xylose into xylitol, xylulose, and xylulose-5-phosphate, before eventually producing ethanol.
The team determined Harrison had several internal customers and began talking to them to convert their "pains" into critical customer requirements (CCR) that included:
Now if you want to take your client's table and convert it to straight text, all you do is highlight the entire table or the part you want to convert to text and go up to the Toolbar and click on Table, Convert Table to Text.
Companies that convert say it's hard to calculate all the benefits--so many happen at once.
Non-Catholics had to promise to raise the children Catholic if they wanted to be married in the church, so some felt pressured to convert.
Vatican observers point out that there is bound to be some concern when Jews convert, especially when the convert is well-known in the Jewish community.
In 1998, taxpayer T attempted to convert his traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.