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(computer science)
To transform the representation of data.


1. (Or "REC", "Regular Expression Converter") A string processing language that combined the pattern matching and transformation operations of COMIT with the recursive data structures of Lisp.

["Convert", A. Guzman et al, CACM 9(8):604-615, Aug 1966].

2. An early language to convert programs and data from one language to another.

["CONVERT Manual", OLI Systems Inc, Oct 1976].
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Out of the total 329,079 pensioners, only 56,228 have been converted to DCS system while 272,841 are yet to be transferred to the new system, including 145,737 pensioners of Civil Armed Forces or District Account Offices and Agency Account Offices, official data revealed.
One explanation as to why convert offenses commonly fell outside this age range is that at least seven offenders were already over 24-years-old by the time they had converted to Islam.
In most if not all cases these individuals have already been converted to Christ, and so we are united in that common faith.
It gathers the testimonies of Muslims residing in Italy who have converted to Christianity.
The converted and the infidel are never as monolithic as we think, especially not when they're in an audience, being entertained and challenged by theater.
Power is the rate at which energy is converted from one form to another or transferred from one object to another.
It had been widely anticipated that the buildings, which Levy bagged for $165 million, would be converted.
Then, depending on the type of reactor it will fuel, it is converted to UF6 (Port Hope) which is used to feed enrichment plants.
The define stage involved determining the Voice of the Customer (VOC), which asked who the customer is and who the beneficiary of the final product (a converted pattern) will be?
Editor's Note: The Top 10 list is based on net sales of pulp, paper, paperboard and converted products.
attic space being converted to living space and remodeling work being undertaken where previous homeowners might have chosen to move rather than be burdened with the daunting tasks involved in remodeling.
This ruling provides more options for taxpayers with partially damaged involuntarily converted property.