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The official said that India should continue moving toward making the rupee fully tradable against other currencies, even though it is not yet ready for full convertibility.
In this context, a free-trade zone in Shanghai could be used as a testing ground for the yuan's full convertibility whilst simultaneously help to establish Shanghai as a key regional financial, trading and shipping center within Northeast Asia.
Excluding the above three factors and judging from the 40 sub-items set by the IMF, you may find that actually China is not that far from capital account convertibility," Zhou said.
Currency convertibility measures are meant to convenience those tourists and Taiwanese traveling to China via the direct weekend charter flights.
Even the leading proponent of financial repression and its associated costs, McKinnon (1973, 1991) has argued that capital account convertibility should come at the end of this process.
The convertibility of Twist-Lyte has been improved.
The convertibility system had a floor under the BCRA's foreign reserve cover, but no ceiling, and the BCRA's net domestic assets were not frozen.
As for his political program, other than a promise to remove the "iron corsets" of convertibility and foreign debt payments--two views, ironically, gaining ground among official circles as well--Farinello remains vague.
After unifying the dual exchange rates of the Chinese currency renminbi (RMB) and implementing a managed-float system on January 1, 1994, China formally committed itself to partial currency convertibility, that is, currency convertibility under the current account, in December 1996.
Major European countries such as Germany and France were not expected to immediately allow full convertibility of their currencies.
I proceed comfortably to the concept of currency convertibility without monetary restrictions, was pleased with uses of convertibility, and readily agreed that the store of value was stronger in convertible holdings.
Dowd [3] responded that the problems discussed by S-W could be avoided by linking indirect convertibility to a futures targeting approach.