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In issuing its ratings, AM Best said Convex Group has a senior management and underwriting team in place that has extensive experience in its targeted classes of business, which, in AM Best's view,"increases the likelihood of market acceptance and successful execution of the group's business plan."
Convex was advised by investment banks Evercore and JP Morgan, and law firm Slaughter and May.
Convex said it will adopt a conservative investment strategy with a predominantly high-grade fixed income portfolio, and duration matched to the profile of the liabilities.
According to the company, SenSura Mio Convex Flip is a new solution for people with an outward body profile and is the first ostomy appliance designed specifically for those that are overweight, obese, or have parastomal bulges or hernias.
We will focus our attention on convex and convex-concave solutions of the equation
Then for each function F analytic in E, the convolution ([phi] * F[psi])/([phi] * [psi]) takes only values in the convex hull of F(E).
The section "Trading Off Size for Risk When Making Decisions" uses four decision models to illustrate how the increasing convex order and Ross's strongly more risk averse order can be used together to present new comparative static statements.
For example, it is well-known that every ||*||-closed (originally closed, strongly closed) convex set is also [T.sub.w]-closed (weakly closed).
Finally, in Section 9, we introduce some basic theorems related KC, KO, from which we can deduce several useful equivalent formulations in the KKM theory of abstract convex spaces.