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a group of merchant ships with an escort of warships
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(1) A military subunit (unit) or team designated to guard and escort transports, prisoners, arrestees, and the like and in the prerevolutionary Russian Army also designed to guard the headquarters of large units and commands. In the Russian guards there existed what was called the Personal Convoy of His Majesty (created in 1828). In the early 20th century this unit consisted of four troops of Kuban’ and Terek cossacks.

(2) A detachment of military transports and merchant vessels and the warships protecting them, organized during sea crossings. During World War II (1939–45) special convoy ships (escort destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and convoy aircraft carriers) were built to guard transport ships.

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An accompanying and protective force on sea or land, such as a fleet or troops.
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There are also remarkably detailed coloured sketches in existence showing some of the ships which made up convoys. These drawings are believed to have been begun during the convoys themselves by the Commodore, Rear Admiral Hugh Hext Rogers.
Troops have also been asked to maintain the passenger manifest discipline for each vehicle in a convoy strictly.
It further said that each US army truck was carrying 2 Hummer and Personnel-carrier vehicles, adding that the convoy had headed towards Ein al-Assad base Northwest of al-Ramadi.
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The Russian Foreign Ministry said: "We responsibly say that neither the Russian nor the Syrian air force conducted any strikes on the UN aid convoy on the south-western outskirts of Aleppo."
Aleppo/Moscow, SANA -- A military source refuted the reports circulated by malicious media outlets about the Syrian Arab Army targeting a humanitarian aid convoy in Aleppo countryside.
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The backup plan called for the use of the Movement Tracking System (MTS) in CSSB convoys.
Majed Al-Sheddi, SCTA director general for Information and Public Relations, said: "The convoy is a mix of amateur and professional Saudi photographers, in addition to YouTube cameramen.
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