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1. Captain James. 1728--79, British navigator and explorer: claimed the E coast of Australia for Britain, circumnavigated New Zealand, and discovered several Pacific and Atlantic islands (1768--79)
2. Sir Joseph. 1860--1947, Australian statesman, born in England: prime minister of Australia (1913--14)
3. Peter (Edward). 1937--95, British comedy actor and writer, noted esp for his partnership (1960--73) with Dudley Moore
4. Robin, full name Robert Finlayson Cook. born 1946, British Labour politician; foreign secretary (1997--2001), Leader of the House (2001-2003)
5. Thomas. 1808--92, British travel agent; innovator of conducted excursions and founder of the travel agents Thomas Cook and Son


2 Mount
1. a mountain in New Zealand, in the South Island, in the Southern Alps: the highest peak in New Zealand. Height: reduced in 1991 by a rockfall from 3764 m (12 349 ft.) to 3754 m (12 316 ft.)
2. a mountain in SE Alaska, in the St. Elias Mountains. Height: 4194 m (13 760 ft.)

What does it mean when you dream about a cook?

This could be little more than a reflection of a daily activity in our dream life. Preparation. Creation, as in the expression “to cook something up.” We also use “cook” in idioms like one’s “goose is cooked” and to “cook the books.”

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before meeting their panto dame friend to cook goose for Mother Goose.

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