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1. (of a colour) having violet, blue, or green predominating; cold
2. (of jazz) characteristic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, economical and rhythmically relaxed




CLIPS Object-Oriented Language?


A C++ class library developed at Texas Instruments that defines containers like Vectors, List, Hash_Table, etc. It uses a shallow hierarchy with no common base class. The functionality is close to Common Lisp data structures (like libg++). The template syntax is very close to Cfront 3.x and g++ 2.x.

JCOOL's main difference from COOL and GECOOL is that it uses real C++ templates instead of a similar syntax that is preprocessed by a special 'cpp' distributed with COOL and GECOOL.


E-mail: Van-Duc Nguyen <>


Combined object-oriented Language.

An object-oriented language from the ITHACA Esprit project, which combines C-based languages with database technology.


A family of tools from Sterling Software for modeling and developing enterprise applications for every major hardware platform. Later owned and marketed by Computer Associates (CA), which purchased Sterling Software in 2000, the product line continues to provide business and data modeling for the enterprise. Look for the COOL products under the CA name of "Advantage Developer Series."
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Whatever the cartridge might be, if a barrel is uncomfortable to the touch, it is ready for a cool down.
Crews managed to cool down the vehicle - which contained acrylic acid - to a safe temperature so that no further risk was posed by it.
Other possible features including a heated sensor that gets warmer or colder as users search for objects within a game, and cool down whenever their hands get too warm or sweaty.
Cool down tips Walking - after any cardiovascular exercise, walking keeps blood flowing, while keeping the joints and ligaments moving at the same time.
Here is this week's circuit, check The Journal video section for my demonstrations: DAVID FAIRLAMB'S FAT ATTACK CIRCUIT Duration of the session: 20-25 minutes Time per station: 20-25 seconds portion cut your a Rest time between stations: 15 seconds Rest time between circuits: 90 seconds Warm up and cool down with four to five minutes walk or jog, exaggerating the arm movements to warm the body up.
As the last bits and bobs of the restructuring plan finally settle into place, it looks like Tabreed's shareholders will finally be able to cool down a bit -- that is if the weather hasn't already done it for them.
The cooling lines take in raw water and run it alongside the fuel lines to cool down fuel before it is delivered to the engine, thus preventing vapor lock.
Drinking water and putting water on your face will help your body cool down more quickly.
The similarity of mean soreness ratings of participants who cooled down and those who did not cool down indicates that cool-down neither exacerbates nor protects against muscle damage.
Built to cool down the big jobs with a 64-gallon water reservoir (no hose needed) and a thick 8"edge coated cooling media, it provides soothing temperature drops.
It also has auto set-up, quick cool down, and low operating noise.
Fast responding quartz lamps are said to heat up and cool down instantly in response to power control signals.