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Setting aside a highly radioactive material until the radioactivity has diminished to a desired level.



a decrease in body temperature in warm-blooded animals and humans as a result of heat emission that exceeds the formation of heat in the organism. Such a decrease may also result from derangement of the thermoregulatory mechanisms. Cooling is also called hypothermia.

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Their world is far gone in its cooling and this world is still crowded with life, but crowded only with what they regard as inferior animals.
Lastly, Ophelia was a prey to such slow musical madness, that when, in course of time, she had taken off her white muslin scarf, folded it up, and buried it, a sulky man who had been long cooling his impatient nose against an iron bar in the front row of the gallery, growled, "Now the baby's put to bed let's have supper
At first, the researchers focused on the most obvious and dramatic turnovers-the sudden warmings and coolings that punctuated the last ice age.
From carbon-14 dating of the sediment core layers, Bond pinpointed the ages of the peak coolings to 1,050, 3,050, 3,950, 5,650, and 8,050 years ago, with each cold spell lasting about 800 years.
Various studies of pollen and tree rings also show coolings at these times.
Mayewski of the University of New Hampshire in Durham finds evidence of several other, more dramatic coolings during the Holocene.
Geoscientists have discovered evidence of a widespread cooling 8,200 years ago that raises questions about the stability of the modern climate.