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1. (of a colour) having violet, blue, or green predominating; cold
2. (of jazz) characteristic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, economical and rhythmically relaxed




CLIPS Object-Oriented Language?


A C++ class library developed at Texas Instruments that defines containers like Vectors, List, Hash_Table, etc. It uses a shallow hierarchy with no common base class. The functionality is close to Common Lisp data structures (like libg++). The template syntax is very close to Cfront 3.x and g++ 2.x.

JCOOL's main difference from COOL and GECOOL is that it uses real C++ templates instead of a similar syntax that is preprocessed by a special 'cpp' distributed with COOL and GECOOL.


E-mail: Van-Duc Nguyen <>


Combined object-oriented Language.

An object-oriented language from the ITHACA Esprit project, which combines C-based languages with database technology.


A family of tools from Sterling Software for modeling and developing enterprise applications for every major hardware platform. Later owned and marketed by Computer Associates (CA), which purchased Sterling Software in 2000, the product line continues to provide business and data modeling for the enterprise. Look for the COOL products under the CA name of "Advantage Developer Series."
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But visitors Baildon then turned defence into attack and won a penalty on 40 minutes after a foul by Gareth O'Reilly from which North coolly placed the resulting penalty past keeper Tim Stephenson.
She jumps--not quite flying, not quite falling--while coolly preparing her equipment for a political assassination.
According to accepted scientific standards even such an emphatically pretentious topic may be treated in a coolly systematical, analytical way, in a kind of anatomy of divine inspiration.
We started playing shows at the end of December," says a coolly reserved Ryan Frederiksen, the man behind the axe.
He was tenacious--hopping, rotating, plunging--in the circles of Solo, choreographed by Victoria Marks, and sometimes coolly contemplative in Dana Caspersen's Solo for One Man.
The book's overall tone is realistic and occasionally iconoclastic, not an antiwar screed, but a coolly objective look at themes long thought sacred.
There is now considerable reason to view the future more positively; to coolly evaluate the research pipeline and to put that pipeline into its future market environment.
Blizzard coolly slotted home a loose ball to put County ahead after Hereford skipper Karl Broadhurst had fluffed a simple clearance.
Grant Holt coolly slotted the spot kick home to put Town ahead, but his effort was cancelled out two minutes before the break by Paul McManus.
Drogba finished coolly five minutes before halftime to begin the rout and Yaya Toure got their second two minutes later following a fine dribble by his brother Kolo, the Arsenal skipper.
Hall made the game safe in the 72nd minute, coolly firing low into the bottom left-hand corner from an inviting Michelle Archer ball into the box.
The man-of-the-match completed his hat-trick when the ball broke to him in the box and he coolly slotted home for his and Redcar's third.