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1. (of a colour) having violet, blue, or green predominating; cold
2. (of jazz) characteristic of the late 1940s and early 1950s, economical and rhythmically relaxed
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CLIPS Object-Oriented Language?


A C++ class library developed at Texas Instruments that defines containers like Vectors, List, Hash_Table, etc. It uses a shallow hierarchy with no common base class. The functionality is close to Common Lisp data structures (like libg++). The template syntax is very close to Cfront 3.x and g++ 2.x.

JCOOL's main difference from COOL and GECOOL is that it uses real C++ templates instead of a similar syntax that is preprocessed by a special 'cpp' distributed with COOL and GECOOL.


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Combined object-oriented Language.

An object-oriented language from the ITHACA Esprit project, which combines C-based languages with database technology.
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A family of tools from Sterling Software for modeling and developing enterprise applications for every major hardware platform. Later owned and marketed by Computer Associates (CA), which purchased Sterling Software in 2000, the product line continues to provide business and data modeling for the enterprise. Look for the COOL products under the CA name of "Advantage Developer Series."
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Collins closed down the home defence and coolly rounded keeper Coleman to score his third goal of the season.
Clooney and friends had coolly sipped champagne before at the five-star Cipriani hotel before forming a procession to the Aman that included Damon, Crawford, her husband Rande Gerber and Bill Murray from the five-star Cipriani hotel opposite St.
Unfortunately, this means that Cate can't do justice to the tantalizing question of just how much this vociferous "anti-theist" and "anti-Christ(ian)"--never a coolly consistent atheist--was haunted all his life by the death of God.
But with extra time beckoning it was Leamington who snatched the honours with Jon Adams coolly converting a penalty in the 84th minute much to the delight of the loyal travelling fans who made the journey to Stoke- on-Trent.
Emley went 2-0 up when tireless Max Joice won the ball in midfield and coolly placed his shot past the advancing keeper on 35 minutes.
FUR WHEEL DRIVE: The bear ambles into the road; FORD CLAW-TINA: It coolly approaches one car; STANDING TRAFFIC: It has a nosey in the window; PICTURES; RUCKAS
The Edwardian brief for the remodelling of Manderston in 1903 was to be coolly elegant and large enough for the army of servants necessary for Edwardian comfort, and grand enough for entertaining.
Off the pace for much of the race, he coolly bided his time over this extended ten furlongs before gradually building the tempo of his mount to bear down on the leaders entering the short straight.
Wiel Arets' building for Dutch arts organisation Amsterdam Arts Metropole is a coolly refined six-storey glazed block wrapped in a complex, warped lattice of steel members.
An innocuous looking through ball was taken well on the chest by Scott Moore and the Forres youngster coolly lobbed the ball over Ross Buchanan.
On-loan forward Ross Stephens opened up the Wolves defence and midfielder Hollis netted coolly.