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raccoon dog:

see tanukitanuki
or raccoon dog,
omnivorous mammal, Nyctereutes Procyonoides, of the dog family, native to the forests of E Asia. The tanuki is similar in appearance to a dog but has black, masklike facial markings resembling a raccoon's and a screeching cry.
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Raccoon Dog


(Nyctereutes procyonoides), The body measures 65–80 cm long and the tail, 15–25 cm. The fur is dark brown with long, coarse hairs and a thick underfur. The rac-coon dog is distributed in Southeast Asia (Japan, China, Korea). In the USSR it lives in the Amur and Ussuri regions. It is acclimatized over most of the European part of the USSR and has even penetrated Central Europe. In the Far East it lives in river valleys, in moist meadows, in swamps overgrown with reeds and reedgrass, and on the slopes of wooded hills. The raccoon dog usually digs a burrow; some-times it settles in burrows abandoned by badgers and foxes. It is a nocturnal animal. Its winter sleep is not deep and is discontinuous. The raccoon dog eats animal and vegetable food: in the summer it feeds on frogs, beetles, fish, birds, and rodents and in the autumn, on berries and fallen fruits. Pairing takes place in March. Each litter contains six to eight young. The raccoon dog is detrimental to the hunting industry. There are no hunting limits placed on it. The animal’s fur is used commercially.


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Coonhounds were originally used to hunt raccoons and their long ears are used for tracking, not enhanced hearing.
For instance, my 60-pound redbone coonhound tricks me on a regular basis by hiding all curled up in a ball, under pillows and covers.
This usually means being dragged around the national forest at the end of a leash attached to Willie, a retired 85 pound black and tan coonhound with three legs, high hope for one last catch and an uncontrollable response to certain scents.
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