Raccoon Dog

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Raccoon Dog


(Nyctereutes procyonoides), The body measures 65–80 cm long and the tail, 15–25 cm. The fur is dark brown with long, coarse hairs and a thick underfur. The rac-coon dog is distributed in Southeast Asia (Japan, China, Korea). In the USSR it lives in the Amur and Ussuri regions. It is acclimatized over most of the European part of the USSR and has even penetrated Central Europe. In the Far East it lives in river valleys, in moist meadows, in swamps overgrown with reeds and reedgrass, and on the slopes of wooded hills. The raccoon dog usually digs a burrow; some-times it settles in burrows abandoned by badgers and foxes. It is a nocturnal animal. Its winter sleep is not deep and is discontinuous. The raccoon dog eats animal and vegetable food: in the summer it feeds on frogs, beetles, fish, birds, and rodents and in the autumn, on berries and fallen fruits. Pairing takes place in March. Each litter contains six to eight young. The raccoon dog is detrimental to the hunting industry. There are no hunting limits placed on it. The animal’s fur is used commercially.


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By this time, Kevin was being dragged behind a wailing coonhound at 10 miles per hour, being slapped by manzanita branches and pine boughs.
The bottom 10 are the plott coonhound, Dandie Dinmont terrier, Sealyham terrier, German pinscher, Canaan, komondor, American foxhound, harrier, otterhound and, in last place, the English foxhound.
I can load both chainsaws, gas and oil on the front rack, and still have room for our two-year-old coonhound, Redbone, to ride on the rear.
Coonhounds bayed, the moon crawling from kerosene lamps.
Siberians, Alaskan Malamutes, Akitas, Russian Wolfhounds, Salukis, Saint Bernards, and mongrels--Greyhounds mixed with Newfoundlands and a dash of Belgian Shepherd; Labradors mixed with Coonhounds.
As fancy as his handguns were, the gun that accompanied him daily as igl he drove around the groves in his old pick-up truck or trailed coonhounds at night was a Savage Model 24 in .
Born in Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1961, Shorter now lives in New Hampshire's beautiful North Country with her husband, Ron and two Red Bone Coonhounds.
Coonhounds were originally used to hunt raccoons and their long ears are used for tracking, not enhanced hearing.
He also bred Bluetick coonhounds from a set of five English foxhounds given to him by the French General Lafayette in 1770.
Depending on your area, your customers may have deerhounds, rabbit dogs, coonhounds, feists or hog dogs.