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a conical roll of thread wound on a spindle



in textile manufacture, a type of yarn package on spinning machines with spindles when the yarn is wound on a bobbin, tube, or the spindle itself. Its shape is conical or, less often, cylindrical; in the latter case the ends may be conical. A cop should be strong and thick and permit easy unwinding of the yarn in an axial direction.


coping of terra-cotta
A protective cap, top, or cover of wall, parapet, pilaster, or chimney; often of stone, terra-cotta, concrete, metal, or wood. May be flat, but commonly sloping, double-beveled, or curved to shed water so as to protect masonry below from penetration of water from above. Most effective if extended beyond wall face and cut with a drip. Also see featheredged coping.


In an embattled parapet, one of the solid alternates between the embrasures. also see battlement.
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Before 1990, the term suicide by cop was not commonly used by the public or the media in reporting law enforcement incidents involving the use of deadly force.
The Bush administration has not offered much reaction to the commission proposals, but is required to report to Congress on actions it will take in response to the COP report.
The Workforce Development Community develops guidelines and improves processes for the development of our workforce to ensure we maintain and grow our core capabilities," said Mike Lehman, Workforce Development CoP Lead.
Jennifer appears to have left Mike all the types of evidence she knows a cop will need, the whole catalogue meant to defeat.
The opening sequence shows a stiff phalanx of cops adoringly filmed from a low angle while Mike Post's music--a cross between his old theme for Hill Street Blues and the anthem of The Lion King--announces that we are bearing witness to nobility, courage, altruism.
Himes's two detectives, Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones, emerge as "the cops who should have been," the cops who could offer protection to the African American urban community.
With Cop Sculpture, in the absence of any actual sculpture to deem good or bad, we witnessed the construction of conspiracy, or of conspiracies--the initial conspiracy to estheticize evidence of crime, and the encompassing conspiracy between Tobier and Byfield, and between them and us.
In addition, there is another $130 million for the cop tax, so the whole increase over last year is $776 million for this coming 1991/92 fiscal year beginning in July.
The move, opposed by the union representing LAPD cops, comes in the wake of the televised flashlight-beating of car-theft suspect Stanley Miller.
But a recent study indicates that cops are eight times more likely to commit suicide than to be murdered in the line of duty.
In fact, a comparative look at NYPD and COPS reveals a lot more about the relative class positions of its respective audiences than about their political views, which are alarmingly similar.
In many ways these current shows seem much like all of the other cop shows that TV has produced.