copper sulfate

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copper sulfate,

common name for the blue crystalline heptahydrate of cupric sulfatecupric sulfate
or copper (II) sulfate,
chemical compound, CuSO4, taking the form of white rhombohedral crystals or amorphous powder. It decomposes at 650°C; to cupric oxide (CuO).
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, in which copper has valence +2. It may also refer to cuprous sulfate (Cu2SO4), in which copper has valence +1.

Copper Sulfate


(cupric sulfate), CuSO4; colorless crystals with a density of 3.64 g/cm3. Copper sulfate decomposes upon heating (CuSO4 = CuO + SO2 + ½O2); it is readily soluble in water (23.05 g CuSO4 per 100 g H2O at 25°C). The bright blue pentahydrate CuSO4 · 5H2O is crystallized from aqueous copper sulfate solutions. Upon heating above 105°C, it converts to CuSO4- 3H2O (light blue color); it loses all water at 258°C. The pentahydrate occurs in nature as the mineral chalcanthite, CuSO4 · 5H2O.

The pentahydrate is prepared commercially by dissolving copper in heated, dilute sulfuric acid in the presence of blown air, or it can be obtained as a by-product of electrolytic copper refining. It is used in leather tanning, in the manufacture of mineral paints, and in agriculture to destroy plant pests, to control plant diseases, and in seed treatment; it is also used in galvanic cells.

copper sulfate

[′käp·ər ′səl‚fāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
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Keo Fish Farm currently uses copper sulfate to treat all its eggs.
In medicine, copper sulfate was once used as an emetic, antifungal,
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Fig 6 shows that the optimal concentration of copper sulfate added to induce laccase enzyme was at 25 [micro]M, a distinctive band was detected at 60 KDa in SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of laccase produced under copper inducing conditions (Figure 6), this band was vaguely present at 50 [micro]M, but did not appear in both control cultures containing no copper or cultures containing 100[micro]M.
The lower test organism acute toxicity value (LC50) obtained showed greater copper sulfate sensitivity, compared to copper oxychloride.
Boards that contained zone lines on an untreated face or that did not display an area of fungal exclusion generally conforming to the area treated with copper sulfate were considered failures.
On the basis of the MIZ values obtained, Copper sulfate had shown superior antifungal activity compared to chlorhexidine.
There, Asian mussels were treated and effectively wiped out with aqueous chloride, sodium hypochloride and copper sulfate.
Hydrometallurgical plants use a variety of byproducts, including circuit board scrap and bimetallics, to make cupric oxide, copper sulfate and copper carbonate.
Additionally, it is also known that metal-containing liquid crystals in the form of metal binuclear carboxylates can be readily formed from the simple interaction of long chain sodium carboxylates and simple transition metal salts such as copper sulfate (ref 14).