copper sulfate

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copper sulfate,

common name for the blue crystalline heptahydrate of cupric sulfatecupric sulfate
or copper (II) sulfate,
chemical compound, CuSO4, taking the form of white rhombohedral crystals or amorphous powder. It decomposes at 650°C; to cupric oxide (CuO).
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, in which copper has valence +2. It may also refer to cuprous sulfate (Cu2SO4), in which copper has valence +1.
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Copper Sulfate


(cupric sulfate), CuSO4; colorless crystals with a density of 3.64 g/cm3. Copper sulfate decomposes upon heating (CuSO4 = CuO + SO2 + ½O2); it is readily soluble in water (23.05 g CuSO4 per 100 g H2O at 25°C). The bright blue pentahydrate CuSO4 · 5H2O is crystallized from aqueous copper sulfate solutions. Upon heating above 105°C, it converts to CuSO4- 3H2O (light blue color); it loses all water at 258°C. The pentahydrate occurs in nature as the mineral chalcanthite, CuSO4 · 5H2O.

The pentahydrate is prepared commercially by dissolving copper in heated, dilute sulfuric acid in the presence of blown air, or it can be obtained as a by-product of electrolytic copper refining. It is used in leather tanning, in the manufacture of mineral paints, and in agriculture to destroy plant pests, to control plant diseases, and in seed treatment; it is also used in galvanic cells.

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copper sulfate

[′käp·ər ′səl‚fāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
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"We have shown copper sulfate to be an effective treatment for eggs of channel catfish, sunshine bass, largemouth bass, and rainbow trout,"Straus says.
In medicine, copper sulfate was once used as an emetic, antifungal,
Relative bioavailability of copper in tribasic copper chloride to copper in copper sulfate for laying hens based on egg yolk and feather copper concentrations.
Before being buried in the soil, the boards were placed in a sterile laminar flow hood and treated with a 0.13 percent solution of copper sulfate (a 0.2% solution of copper[II] sulfate pentahydrate [98+%] dissolved in distilled water) on only one face.
Others specimens with copper sulfate addition could not be subjected to 14 day observation as they had shown massive inhibition zones already at 72 hours traversing the entire diameter of the glass petri dishes which made further observation impracticable.
The method of control commonly employed is copper sulfate, applied immediately when algae begin to multiply.
Examples of salts are sodium chloride (NaC1), magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), and copper sulfate (CuSO4).
Ritter also passed a current through a solution of copper sulfate, and copper appeared on the negative electrode.
Next, the researchers replace the silver solution with a copper sulfate solution and use voltage pulses from the STM to make pillars of copper near two silver piles.
Waived procedures are limited to dipstick or tablet urinalysis (nonautomated), fecal occult blood, ovulation and urine pregnancy tests using visual color comparisons, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin (copper sulfate method), spun hematocrit, and blood glucose using certain devices cleared by the FDA specifically for home use.
The substances are copper sulfate, a light petroleum oil often called Volck oil or Superior oil, and lime sulfur.