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fruit of the coco palm (Cocos nucifera), a tree widely distributed through tropical regions. The seed is peculiarly adapted to dispersal by water because the large pod holding the nut is buoyant and impervious to moisture.
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the dried oily endosperm of the nuts (coconuts) of the coconut palm, consisting of white or yellowish pieces 6–12 mm thick and covered with a thin skin. Copra contains an average of 5.8 percent water, 67 percent fat, 16.5 percent carbohydrates, and 8.9 percent protein. An easily meltable oil (melting point 20–27°C), which is used in food and as an industrial raw material, is obtained from copra by hot pressing. Copra oilcake is a valuable concentrated feed for livestock. One coconut yields 80 to 500 grams of copra. The 1965–66 world production of copra was 3.44 million tons. The principal producers of copra are the countries of Southeast Asia (approximately 67 percent of world production), Oceania (approximately 10 percent) and Africa (3–4 percent).


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the dried, oil-yielding kernel of the coconut
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These measures include the direct purchase of copra by companies under the UCPB-CIIF Oil Mills Group, curtailing of palm oil imports, increasing the percentage of coconut methyl ester in diesel mix, and export of more fresh coconuts or buko.
'[T]he promise remains a promise while coconut farmers nationwide are reeling from deeper poverty due to record low prices in coconut and copra, a situation he was silent about,' he said in a statement on Tuesday.
Copra or coconut byproducts are one of the alternative feed ingredients mostly produced in some areas of Africa and Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Indonesia (Stein et al., 2016).
Coconut processing industry producing coconut oil from copra has expanded in the Philippines.
Por eso un domingo de cada mes va a una bodega en la carretera Paraiso-Puerto Ceiba, donde se encuentra con otros accionistas que durante 11 anos han peleado por las utilidades que les corresponden del emporio de la copra. Proceso acudio a una de esas asambleas.
In his view, many traditional communities had become so dependent on copra that they ended up producing nothing else, using the little cash they earned to buy back fuel, soap and cooking oil, which could all be made from the coconut.
325) Heersink draws an interesting parallel between his own study of copra and Norman Owen's work on abaca in the Bicol region of the Philippines (Prosperity without progress; Manila hemp and material life in the colonial Philippines [Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1980]).
Such an increase in demand would provide jobs and money for rural villagers in Vanuatu, where cutting copra has been the major source of outside income.
The 680-ton ferry was carrying 243 passengers, 41 crew members, 14 vehicles and sacks of dried copra when the fire broke out.
Nannies are invited to an informal get together in the Copra cafe at the Village Hotel and Leisure Club, Dolomite Avenue, Allesley, Coventry on Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm.
The researchers collected Hypoaspis aculeifer mites from a quarter of a square meter in a lily field and tested the 1-millimeter-long terrors to see which of two species of prey--a Rhizoglyphus mite or a Tyrophagus copra mite--they preferred to eat.