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a conical roll of thread wound on a spindle



in textile manufacture, a type of yarn package on spinning machines with spindles when the yarn is wound on a bobbin, tube, or the spindle itself. Its shape is conical or, less often, cylindrical; in the latter case the ends may be conical. A cop should be strong and thick and permit easy unwinding of the yarn in an axial direction.


coping of terra-cotta
A protective cap, top, or cover of wall, parapet, pilaster, or chimney; often of stone, terra-cotta, concrete, metal, or wood. May be flat, but commonly sloping, double-beveled, or curved to shed water so as to protect masonry below from penetration of water from above. Most effective if extended beyond wall face and cut with a drip. Also see featheredged coping.


In an embattled parapet, one of the solid alternates between the embrasures. also see battlement.
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The view on the street is that McGraw allowed himself to be declared bankrupt to keep the cops off his back in seizing his assets.
It was one of ten smashed up in Carnmoney Cemetery but police believe the rest were smashed to lead cops off the scent but frighten McCord.
My uncle reckons changing your name for a day is always a good way to glean publicity, and to throw cops off the scent.
PLANS by hoodlums to keep cops off the streets in part of West Belfast have backfired .
She takes to raiding the fridge while sleepwalking and cops off with a neighbour (Reeves) while her hubby begins an affair with one of her friends (Ryder).