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linking verb

Linking verbs (also known as copulas or copular verbs) are used to describe the state of being of the subject of a clause. Unlike action verbs (also called dynamic verbs), they connect the subject to the predicate of the clause without expressing any action.
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Logic the often unexpressed link between the subject and predicate terms of a categorial proposition, as are in all men are mortal



an auxiliary grammatical element of a compound predicate having a weakened lexical meaning and serving to express merely grammatical categories of the predicate, the lexical meaning being expressed by a nonconjugated, usually nominal, element. The verb “to be” is used as a copula in many languages. The presence of a copula may be obligatory, as in English and French; optional, as in Russian and Hungarian; determined by the type of nominal predicate, as in Swahili; or determined by the semantic character of the sentence, as in Khmer. Certain verbs besides “to be” can function as copulas; these verbs, which introduce an additional nuance to the meaning of the elements linked by the verb, include the Russian nachinat’ (“to begin”), stanovit’sia (“to become”), and delat’ (“to do,” “to make”).

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The current study design did not permit distinction between the hypotheses that weight bearing slows down females and that slower-moving females are more likely to be found in copula because they are less able to escape from males.
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Next, the R-Vine copula is estimated using the pseudo-sample associated with the standardized residuals of the models of the first step.
The absence of the copula does not indicate that the speaker has planning difficulties, but can be regarded as a variant of what I mean is.
The main finding is that, compared to the multivariate Gaussian copula, multivariate vine copulas assembled from non-Gaussian distributions more realistically capture comovements in housing prices.
Diferencias tan grandes en la duracion de la vitelogenesis entre los hemipteros (y en general en los insectos) son consecuencia de varios factores tanto internos como externos; Engelman (1970) senala que entre los mas importantes estan la cantidad y calidad de alimento, la copula, la temperatura, la humedad y factores hormonales.
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